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Hoshi no houseki - Star Jewel - Volume 1


Loved it! 😍

Fun contemporary book with paranormal elements and a quirky crew of characters.

This was such a delightful read!

Going on this adventure with Jun, Riko, Yuuji, and Aoi was extremely fun.

The first volume of Hoshi no Houseki introduces us to this eclectic crew of characters, who quickly become The Fox Goddess Investigation Club and start their journey to find out about Riko’s past. Riko, who has Fox ears and tails which -somehow!- can only be seen by Jun, our protagonist. While they look for clues about this mystery, we follow their misadventures and sometimes almost ridiculous ideas to find new clues.

Yuuji has got to be my favorite character of the book. He’s such an adorable dork and his random comments would make me audibly chuckle as I read. I hope we get to see more about him as the story continues in future volumes.

The writing in this book is great. The style made me feel like I was seeing an anime in my head. It was easy to sit down and read a few chapters at a time because the writing grabbed you and glued you to it with its quick rhythm. I was pleasantly surprised by Rosuuri’s art through the book. It was a nice addition to the writing and made me fall in love with the characters little by little. After I finished the book, I found myself going back through the pages to see the illustrations and look at the details I’d missed the first time.

I did find myself going a little glass-eyed around chapter 8, but that quickly passed and I was looking forward to know what happened next after that.

Overall, Hoshi no Houseki Vol. 1 was a fun, quick read that kept me entertained and glued to the story. If you like shounen or seinen anime/manga, you will surely have a great time reading this book, but anyone who enjoys paranormal elements, comedy and slice of life will find in this book an enjoyable read. (3.5/5 stars)

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I’m a 22 years-old afro-boricua that likes reading about everything, but especially Latinx goodness and diverse voices. I'm in love with everything and anything Jane Austen, mysteries and healthy romances.


About the author

Miya Martin has written a variety of short fiction, video game scenarios, humor essays, and nonfiction. The Hoshi no Houseki series is her first foray into long-form fiction. She has a degree in East Asian Languages and Cultures, and is a regular consumer of anime and manga. view profile

Published on May 03, 2020

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