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Compelling, Adventurous and Heart-warming, this is one of those stories that should be required reading.

So many tales of sacrifice, courage and truly heroic actions have been swallowed up by instant-gratification apps, brazen mélanges of exorbitant action scenes that are 95% CGI, and the consequences of the passing of time. The bold intrepidity of the men and women who fought and/or served during the years of WWII are largely forgotten, or, worse yet, being erased by those who claim those horrific events are nothing more than propaganda. (I won't go there!)

Kaminski's Honoured Memories reignites the flame of history through a collection of memoirs that are woven into a convincing and poignant tale about Captain Marcus Kazanowski, who is, in fact, the author's father. Written as a fictional war-time tale, the story follows the true experiences of Marcus' life, encompassing such harrowing events as his rescue from the beaches of Dunkirk and his relocation to England, where he served with the Polish Armored Brigade in Scotland and met the woman he later married.

The story is rich in history and culture. It provides well-researched and accurately documented insights into the life-altering circumstances that forced so many to abandon not only their homelands, but their families as well. It reminds us how so many fled, not to seek wealth or power in a new land, but simply to remain alive. In this current age of privilege and entitlement, books like Kaminski's remind us how great the sacrifices were that shaped our current state of affairs. The loss, heartache and honest fear, as well as the hope and anticipation that fills Marcus' tale, as it filled so many tales from those diabolical years, reminded me how fortunate we are today.

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Cynthia A. Morgan is an award-winning author of Fantasy, Dystopian Action, Romance and Poetry. Morgan's captivating tales serve as a backdrop for messages like 'show thankfulness through kindness and appreciate blessings through generosity' and 'the only way to achieve peace is by becoming peace'

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My full name is Jerzy Jan Kaminski - a mouthful even for me, hence signing as J.J.Kaminski. I was born in England and have been an avid reader since childhood. I do not follow or attempt to emulate anyone’s style, rather write the stories as they come to me and in my own fashion. Thank you. view profile

Published on June 01, 2020

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