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Home for Holly


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Home for Holly is a sweet, contemporary romance short story that is a cozy short read that's perfect for the holiday season.

*I received a free copy of this book from the author for my honest review.*

Home for Holly is a sweet, contemporary, and erotic romance short story that's perfect for the holiday season. Holly Jacobs and Kevin Murphy are reunited after six years when both of them come home for the holidays. Holly and Kevin are high school sweethearts and broke-up when Kevin enlisted in the military. He broke her heart, but he didn't want to go through a long-distance relationship or get a letter saying she found another man.



The beginning of the story felt like I was watching a Christmas movie on Hallmark or Lifetime, which I love to watch during the holiday season. The dialogue and the development of the characters are so realistic, and I was surprised by how the author thought like a guy to write what a guy would genuinely say, especially when Kevin sees Holly for the first time. The author does a great job giving details about how the characters look and their actions, but there was a lack of details in the setting. I would love to have seen descriptive details regarding Kevin's hometown and how things looked different through his eyes.



It can be challenging to write a story from two character's perspectives, but Ava did it flawlessly, and I love that she told the reader who was speaking by putting their names on each section. I loved the storyline of Home for Holly. Two people who loved each other in high school falling back in love with each other is such a sweet romantic story that many people will enjoy. Who doesn't like it when people get a second chance at romance?



I loved the personality of Holly Jacobs. She is a strong young woman who is determined to accomplish her dreams. Holly is also bold and goes straight for what she wants, which is very clear. I don't read many adult fiction books, so the language and romantic details was a shock to me. I mostly read young adult novels, but the story synopsis and the beautiful cover drew me in. I wished the sexual descriptions were not so descriptive, but that's a personal preference. Some of the romance made my heart flutter and was a different reading experience.



I loved that the story had a happy ending; it may be thrilled to see Holly get her dream guy. A hometown hero is getting a happily ever after with the girl of his dreams. I enjoyed reading the story and believe this story has the potential to blossom into a contemporary romance novel. While reading, I noticed a few mistakes in grammar and other writing mechanics, but the most noticeable mistake was one of the characters' names. Holly's best friend is introduced as Alexia, and then on page nineteen, her name changes to Alexis. The name change was confusing at first, and then I realized it was still Holly's best friend. Even though there were a few writing mistakes, it didn't take away from the beautifully written story.



I hope the author can make changes before publishing because the story was fascinating, and I enjoyed it. If you love reading romance stories or are a fan of E.L. James, you will love Home for Holly by Ava Night.

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Ava Night writes short, sweet, and steamy romance stories about military men and the women who love them. She is an Army veteran married to an active-duty Navy sailor and brings first-hand experiences with her writings. view profile

Published on December 02, 2019

10000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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