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Hidden Truth & Secrets


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A well-paced, expertly suspenseful, and irresistibly sexy thriller that offers a perfect escape from our currently strange reality.

There are books that help you decipher the world and yourself, and there are books that allow you to escape from both, in the most fun, entertaining, and consequence-free, intoxicating way. Hidden Truth & Secrets is one of the latter - a much needed escapism from the everyday new normal of these strange times of ours. Some would call it a "guilty pleasure". I will not. A pleasure it definately is. Guilty, not so much.

Sure, it is inhabited by characters that are too beautiful, too talented, too capable, too wealthy, too haunted, and yet too good and decent. But not all of them are the archetypical white, straight, all American, alpha (fe)male. In fact, most of them are not. Not even, it seems, implicitly, its main female hero, Severyn "Ryn" Andrews.

And yes, its narrative is full of adjectives, superlatives, and poetic metaphors. But on one hand the majority of them are fitting and beautifully written, and on the other, you stop noticing them after a while.

Because the suspense of Ryn's mystery, as well as that of the blossoming central love story are so effectively paced, and - in the case of the latter - so damn sexy and addictive, soon enough you are too swept away to remain critical. By the time Ryn unwillingly attempts her first team op, it has become almost impossible to put this book down.

So, when you reach the end of this first book of the series, over excited, it is a bit disappointing that it feels somewhat abrupt, as it leaves everything hanging, offering not even a hint of a closure to any of its narrative threads. And the excerpt of the impending second book, Hidden Carnage, is not very reassuring, as it seems to rewind back to the beginning of Ryn's (re)birth, instead of picking up Hidden Truths & Secrets's loose ends.

Still, fall 2020, when Book #2 will be available, can't get here fast enough... I am officially hooked.


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Cora made the leap to begin her author journey after realizing a 'daydream story' that had played, developed, and evolved in her mind for over two decades is actually a novel series. She is blessed to be able to share Severyn's journey that has blossomed in her mind for over 25 years. view profile

Published on March 23, 2020

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