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A light fantasy with a beautiful world and great characters, Hidden is a gem but not for me.

Hidden follows Tully as she discovers who she is. As long as she can remember Tully has been forced to wear a cloak to hide. In hidden Tully discovers the power of being out in the light and showing herself. She is supported by a great cast of friends and family all of which have their own complexities. 

Hidden is light fantasy. As someone who normally gets lost in world-building K. M. Wray does a great job at weaving the plot and world-building together to avoid feeling overwhelmed by information. The world of hidden has multiple cultures and traditions all of which are intricate and well thought out. 

Tully is a well written strong woman. She learns to stand up for herself in this book. It is a great message about self-belief.

The cultures in Hidden have religious elements. The people in this book have a belief in a religious deity that will save them. There is also some anti-sex before marriage undertones thrown in. I haven't had a positive experience with religion and the church so I don’t love this element. There were many situations where the characters God saved them without reason or explanation. For some readers this will not be an issue, for me, it took away some of the shine from this book. 

I found the resolution to be rushed. Everything was a mess and suddenly got wrapped up nicely. All that said these characters and the plot were captivating and K. M. Wray has huge potential for her future work.

Hidden deserves to have beautiful endpapers and will be loved by many readers. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. I think I would have loved this book if I read it 5 years ago. So if YA fantasy is your thing definitely give hidden a read. Even though I am not a fan this book deserves some hype.

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Hey, I am Laura - full-time post-grad student and future health professional. I hate that I love cheesy romance novels. Also coming from a genetics background I often read non-fiction with a critical eye.
I have a unique perspective because of my background and am a lover of diverse lit.


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K. M. Wray lives in Canada. She enjoys teaching English to language learners and immigrants of all ages and has over two decades of experience. She is published within her field and is expanding into the fiction market. view profile

Published on December 10, 2020

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