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Head First


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For those of us who went through the Vietnam War, this is a must-read book, containing intrigue and confusion we experienced.

As a member of the Baby Boom generation and someone who lived through the violent, confusing times of the Vietnam war, I found this book compelling and couldn't put it down. Not only are the characters real, but the situations in which they find themselves--whether family turmoil or related to the war itself--come alive through the writing.

The author carefully weaves believable family situations creating intrigue and tension, and even involves the weather in this novel. I was also impressed with this author's knowledge of how the military works.

The reader is first introduced to teenager Jolie, whose father and mother are divorced. She's living with her pregnant stepmother, Joan, and, in typical teenager fashion, she's giving her stepmother a hard time. She'd rather be living with her uncle Laury in Michigan, but that's another story. She's confused, trying to find her French mother, who's got direct connections to the French who were involved in Vietnam prior to U.S.military involvement, and it takes off from there.

Meanwhile, her father's deployed overseas, and her uncle (in Michigan) is having issues of his own, not the least of which is guilt over a local man who comes home in a box after being killed in Vietnam. He feels responsible for this man's death in some ways because he didn't talk him out of a second tour.

Add to this the world situation--trying to get the United States into the Paris peace talks, with the undercurrent of the drug trade--and it makes for a novel of international intrigue in which even the characters themselves don't realize they're involved.

For people who weren't alive then, 1972 marked a time when the Vietnam war was in wind-down mode, when even military veterans were asking why this country had been involved. Vietnam Veterans Against the War became an active organization. Even the pro-military Coopers in this novel see things that bring them to ask similar questions. President Richard Nixon was losing his power and headed toward the Watergate scandal and ultimate resignation. This novel capture that essence, that turmoil, that confusion which those of us who were alive then experienced. As historical fiction, Head First is accurate; as a novel, it's moving, intriguing and a successful portrait of a family living, trying to survive, during extremely trying times, under extraordinary circumstances.

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After a 40-year career in public relations/marketing/media relations, I wrote my first novel, "Empty Seats," a coming-of-age book with baseball as the backdrop. This award-winning debut novel is appropriate for young adults as well as people of all ages and has received excellent reviews on Amazon.

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D. Z. Church was a Naval Officer, a Director at a Fortune 500 Company, and always a writer, who discovered along the way, that people aren’t always as they seem, and that revenge is best served in a whopping good tale. view profile

Published on June 01, 2019

Published by Bodie Blue Books

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Historical Fiction

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