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Hardwire to the Gnosis of Omnipotence



I have always known that I have the ability to notice what others overlook. I have for many years, used my perceptive gift to look inward and study my own consciousness, in order to uncover the underlying truth of what it means to be human. When I looked within, I broke through barriers that confine us, made discoveries and eventually made a connection to an intelligence that was not my own. This intelligence guided me to further realisations about life and the importance of humanity. This wisdom I now share with you.

The book ventures through seven chapters in which I will explain, how the human mind works, the relationship between your spirit and your soul, where your soul resides & how we are all connected to God and his Gnosis (knowledge) at all times. I will bridge the gap between scientific understanding and religious theology. I will present the truth that I have perceived openly and never hide it in frustrating poetic riddles. We will delve past our consciousness and even past our sub-consciousness to the very core of our being. We will use this knowledge to understand and uncover truths about our world, by peering through ‘enlightened’ eyes.


If you are reading this now, you are seeking the truth. You are aware that there is more to life than can be explained by science alone.

You may be dissatisfied with your everyday life or the understandings it has offered you, or you may just have an interest in acquiring knowledge or new understandings.    

Whatever your reason for turning to this book, I welcome you and look forward to taking you on the journey through the understanding that may change your perspective and idea of ‘self’ forevermore and leave you with the power to be a more positive being with a purposeful path to peace.

This information is based on my own inner-experiences and the knowledge that I have gained through personal enlightenment. My purpose is to enlighten those whose understanding remains in darkness. There is no other motive and nothing else that I hope to gain. I do not look for followers, or to be held in high regard. I do not wish for fame or fortune or have any political or religious agendas. I simply want the opportunity to pass on my understandings to all those who will listen & understand. There is something great within you, which you are yet to realise and I feel that it is my purpose to show this to you.

It is not my intention to offend anybody’s beliefs or way of life. To reach the truth you must be strong and able to cast off ideas that are anything other. 

What do I mean? Well, you must look at the world and yourself as they truly are, not as human civilisation may present and would have you understand it. For example, borders are created by humanity and do not truly exist. By the same token, countries do not really exist accept in the minds of humans. Birds pass freely from one country into another without presenting a passport. Likewise, fish swim from one part of the ocean to another without worrying about border infringement. Thus, we are confined by our own culture and ideas.  If you can escape such notions, your eyes will be opened to the aspects of reality that they hide from view.

Human beings like to divide and categorise things. They enjoy naming each aspect of life and forming ideas, techniques and rituals, which eventually create cultures and different languages, which go on to form nations.  It’s a system that can produce positive things like agriculture, art, science and literature, but it is also a system that creates distrust, fear, misunderstanding, eradication of freedom, hatred, war and an increased movement away from the basic truth and natural world around us. Therefore, if you really hope to understand the truth, you must be able to view yourself and world in a true context by separating fact from ‘man-made’ fact. I like to imagine myself sitting on the Moon, looking down at Earth with an alien mind (being free from human ideas). From this perspective life appears very different and it is much easier to see and understand the truth pervading all things.

Despite colour race or creed, humans are all the same internally and are equals, in truth. We all share common ancestry and are all scientifically related. The DNA of all modern humans can be traced back to a single female ancestor (known as ‘Scientific Eve’) and so I say to you, “Hello cousin!”. Humans (like all life-forms) developed as a result of evolution and at one period in our history it seems that there were many different types of humanoid species living on the Earth together. Overtime, one after another died out leaving the only remaining species Homo-sapiens (us), the opportunity to claim and dominate the Earth.  

This is the truth, despite some religious teachings. This does not however mean that there was no Creator or creation. How and indeed why, would life be created in a lifeless realm? To me, it’s clear that life was always going to be the eventual outcome of physical creation. It is the very purpose of that creation; for what good is it to have a universe devoid of life, to utilise and appreciate it? So, whilst life was the final outcome of physical creation, it was also the driving force that initiated creation.

Life started in the most basic form with single celled organisms. These most basic of creatures had no brain, no limbs, no eyes, no sense of self, yet life developed to acquire all these things. This means that there was an intelligent and understanding ‘will’ behind evolution pushing life into ever-more complicated forms, utilising the natural physical world, which this ‘will’ understood and had created.  This is an intelligence that can be seen as evidence of God, or that a scientist may see as some kind of naturally occurring cosmic wisdom or intellectual force of nature that causes progressive mutation. Nevertheless, there is an unseen intelligence behind our evolution that still pervades all living things today. Any physicist will tell you that at the very core of our reality is information, which allows for everything we see to become a reality. The real question is, from where does this information, or wisdom, originate?   

As we have developed, we humans have created concepts of thought. These grow with complexity over time; a complexity that increasingly divides those who adhere to one idea or another. Over thousands of years, humanity has created many variations of understanding. Yet, as I will point out, there is one common truth that underpins all spiritual, religious, mystic and scientific understandings. One common truth that can bond these divided topics of understanding into a single form. I will give you the pieces of this great puzzle and together we will build a unified picture of reality for the very first time. This vision of reality will be called the ‘truth’ throughout this book, but please bear in mind that these are my own interpretations based on my own inner experiences and findings.

So, if you are ready, let’s begin our inward journey…

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I have always known that I have the ability to notice what others overlook. I have for many years, used this gift to study my own consciousness, in order to uncover the underlying truth of existence. This book details my many findings and realisations. I hope that they my benefit you spiritually. view profile

Published on December 01, 2019

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