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Happy Here and Now: Lasting Happiness You Can Count On.


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Happy Here and Now gives you the tools that are required to stay happy during the sunniest of days and stormiest of nights.

We are all happy in one moment and sad in the other. We are beings with so many emotions and feelings that sometimes we get carried away by them and end up losing ourselves. We don’t often pay attention to the little joys of life and also the little problems.

Sometimes acting on every emotion like anger, fear, or sadness can have a negative impact on our life. It can even make us regret our actions. Happy Here and Now by Matt Tracy is a self-help book that discusses situations and behaviors that we usually don’t pay attention to or tend to neglect. It is like a guide that will train us to understand those emotions better, process them, and sometimes learn to let them go. 

Grieving must happen, and emotions must be felt, whatever they are. Fear or hatred or worry or disgust must be acknowledged. That is healthy.

This book also talks about understanding what happiness really is, how to be grateful, thankful, and forgiving. It’s about listening to our thoughts, becoming more aware, and believing in ourselves. At the end of each chapter, there is a section called Living It that we can follow to pay attention to our emotions and bring changes in our day-to-day lives by being more aware of our habits and trying to improve them. 

I found this book interesting to read and found myself agreeing on multiple points that I never considered important. Happy Here and Now is a must-read! 

Being aware of your thoughts leaves room for intuition to flourish.

Stop living for the future. Enjoy now.
- Matt Tracy

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Even though I wrote a book on happiness, I'm not happy all the time. But when I'm feeling down, I have the tools to figure out what’s making me unhappy and to change the situation, work through the feelings, or accept what can’t be changed. Happy Here and Now gives you those tools. view profile

Published on June 02, 2021

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