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A very cute book about two sisters dealing with the loss of each other in different ways.

Twin sisters Jade and Pearl Juarez have always been inseparable. But one night, everything goes wrong. Jade dies and wakes up in a new place, unable to remember what happened to her or how she died. Pearl is left in the world of the living with no will to live, spending her days oversleeping in her room. When both girls begin recovery by attending group, they discover they are connected after all...

I thought this book was really cute, the two sisters dealing with the loss of each other in different ways, and for Jade coming to terms with the fact of being dead while worrying about her sister’s wellbeing. As for the concept of the story, it’s an interesting idea, though not fully developed; there’s a lack of explanations for any situations other than the one of the girls, which is sufficient for the telling of their story.

My one thing that I was sceptical about was the romance. With Jade it seemed more natural and developed through the sharing of their regrets from the living world. With Pearl it was more a saviour/need saving kind of relationship which I didn’t think should’ve gone romantic. I appreciate that the two couples were quite different in nature, which is good, but I did feel that only one (or none) was necessary.

As we were reading about what could be called the climax of the story, I disagreed with the author a little about the way things were done. I didn’t think that the death was necessary, especially regarding the circumstances of how it came about. It wasn’t portrayed in a great manner, and intentionally or not kind of seemed to encourage the death. Henry was also part of my problem with this, his appear aced in the story only to ask for Pearl’s forgiveness for that night.

Group is for the most part about recovering from tragedy, and moving on, but it also discusses how important it can be to have a friend in these times, and how people in a fragile emotional state may be able to connect more or even find a life. I recommend this book to anyone who likes books with teenagers, paranormal elements, loss, and romance.

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Published on March 12, 2019

Published by Anew Press

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