Grayden: The Secret of Illryn


Loved it! 😍

Well-crafted characters in a carefully woven story. Devotion, deception, forgiveness, and a hope for redemption - it's all here!

I was a little shocked at the rather graphic nature of the book right from the start. But it was definitely NOT a deterrent. (Although a brief warning might have been nice for readers who prefer something less descriptive - it's the only reason I gave the book four stars!)

Grayden has few memories of his early childhood. But one thing he knows for sure - he is Chedyah's Chosen and his grueling job is a necessity for keeping order in Vard, but it isn't a job he enjoys. Frequently finding himself caught between the church - High Arch Bishop Pelik - and the government - King Brackard - Grayden takes solace in the unquestioning devotion of the men under his command, his highly-skilled, fierce warriors known collectively as the Morte.

When Pelik demands that the kingdom of Vard take military action to free the children of her enemies, the king is unsure. Grayden has his own carefully guarded opinions. The belief in Vard is that the people of Eadom sacrifice their children to the whims of their awful god, E'Haven. With Grayden's special, deadly skills, the High Arch Bishop and the King agree that he is the only one who can lead the forces of Vard in the noble quest to free Eadom's children.

But painful secrets await Grayden in Eadom. Those he believes to be his enemies may be something all together different. As he recovers more of his childhood memories and unearths all the lies he has been told, relationships will be redefined, the real enemies will be discovered, and painful truths must be faced. Who is he really? And can his dark actions as Cehdyah's Chosen ever be forgiven?

Through it all Grayden must come to grips with the fact that he has been nothing more than a pawn to those in power. His past was hidden from him and his identity a lie. But he also discovers true devotion from some of those he thought merely served him out of duty and obligation.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, devouring it in about a day and half. The character of Grayden is incredibly well-crafted with strengths, weaknesses, convictions, and doubts. When long-dead memories begin to resurface, his beliefs cannot help but be altered and this inner struggle is handled beautifully by the author. But Grayden isn't the only richly designed personage in the story. His Azule - the title for the partner each Morte has for sparring and battle - Krowen, is carefully constructed to compliment the story and the development of Grayden's character. He carries secrets of his own that enrich the story and keep the reader invested in the outcome. It is my sincere hope that this is merely the first title in a series that will take us even deeper in Grayden's world and his search for redemption!

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Published on July 01, 2019

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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