Girls Can Do Everything Boys Do



It starts off as a normal break-up in Rolly Hills High School. But...the drama all starts when Kalex Miller threatens to call the police on Allana Miiller. It's a world of sexism where girls aren't allowed to play sports. That's until a girl speaks up and life isn't the same anymore...

“I’m breaking up with you.”


  Collin Peeves and Abigail Turner were in the middle of a break-up when … “I am calling the police!”

  Kalex Miller was threatening to call the police on his best friend, Allana Miller. 

“WOAH, WOAH, woah - what’s going on here Mr and Ms Miller?” Madame Primrose asked, breaking up the fight. 

“He was threatening to call the police on me!” Allana cried. 

Kalex frowned and replied, “Well she told me she wanted to join the football club!”

  Everyone was shocked at what Kalex had said, causing Macey Brown’s outburst, “N-No, she wouldn’t d-do that!” She cried. Abigail had no idea what was going on.

“What? Calling the police on an innocent girl who just wants to join the football club?! You must be absurd!” Abigail told Kalex.

“Pardon me? Young lady, watch who you’re talking to!” Madame Primrose replied.

“What’s so bad about the football club?!”

“It’s BAD! Us girls attend tea parties and learn to cook! We don’t do sports!”

“No, we can do everything we like!”

“Young lady, principal’s office, RIGHT NOW!”

  And that was it. All the popular girls laughed at her while she hesitantly walked away. Kalex, Collin, and the boys all laughed at her except for Alex Williams - Abigail's best friend.

  “Hey - Abi, don’t feel glum!” Alex said, running up to her. 

Abigail smiled at what her friend said, “Thanks - I don’t know why my mom sent me to this school…”

  DING! Abigail's phone vibrated, she checked what it was. “GUYS! All girls are weak! ‘Look at me! I’m a fairy princess and I only care about my hair and looks! I’m a girl!” Kalex said in the Instagram post. Abigail got irritated at his school’s madness.

  “GIRLS ARE NOT WEAK! AT MY OLD SCHOOL, BOYS DID BALLET AND GIRLS PLAYED FOOTBALL!” Abigail cried. Veronica laughed and walked over to where Abigail was standing.

  “You’re hilarious! Why would that be true?” Veronica Blank giggled. She put on her bright red lipgloss and re-applied her blush “You’re crazy.” She sashayed away and Abigail got even more annoyed.

  When Abigail was about to throw hands, Alex stopped her.

“Hey, I actually got something to tell you-”

  RINGGGG! The bell’s horrible booming ring’s echoed in the school field. “Oh, bye! Gotta run!” Abigail grinned. 

  “Sigh...this is so boring!” Abigail thought. She daydreamed about the football club and got interrupted by Madame Primrose.

  “Ms Turner, would you mind demonstrating how to tie this ribbon?” Madame Primrose said, knowing that Abigail had no idea what was going on.

  “Er...Uh...Sure?” Lied Abigail.

  Madame Primrose scowled that she didn’t get the chance to scold Abigail. 

  Abigail unwillingly shuffled to face the class and took the ribbon that was hanging from the blackboard. And looked like she was forced to tie her brother’s shoe. 

  Then, “Woah - she actually did it?!” Veronica said, chewing gum at the same time. Abigail, surprised, stared at the ribbon she tied onto Madame Primrose’s long auburn braid. 

  “Y-you passed the test..?” Madame Primrose stammered, not believing what had just happened.

  “WHAT?! Madame Primrose, you’re not going to really let her pass, right?” Veronica argued.

  “YEAH! She doesn’t even pay attention in class!” The class agreed.

  Then, the headmaster, Lady Viola, strolled in. “Madame? I wanted to discuss the-” Lady Viola said, then, she stared at Madame Primrose’s ribbon.

  “What is that?” Lady Viola said, shocked.

  “Uh - oh, this? Uh...sorry madame, a child did this...I can take it off!” Madame Primrose said, embarrassed. 

  Lady Viola beamed and said, “It’s wonderful! Which student did it?” Abigail grinned and was about to say ‘Me!’ When Veronica smirked.

  “Me, Lady Viola.” Veronica lied.

  “Oh! Very good! I would like you in my office right now!”

  Lady Viola and Veronica went outside the classroom and into Lady Viola’s office. “B-but!” Abigail argued. Madame Primrose looked at Abigail sadly “Sorry Turner, it is what it is.”

  After school, Alex visited Abigail who was sitting on the bench glumly. 

  “Hey, Abigail.” Alex greeted.

  “Hi, Alex...what are you doing here? Doesn’t your mom want you home at 3:30?” Abigail asked.

  “Just saying, I feel the same as you.”

  “What do you mean? Oh - no, I do not have a crush on you.”

  “No! That’s not what I mean! Like, I also feel that girls can do anything boys do.”

  “Really? You think so too?”


A third of the girls in the cafeteria raised their hands. Except for the popular crew. “ME!” Karen said, raising her hands. The popular girls all stared at Karen, shocked that she thought so too. “Actually, me too,” Veronica said sheepishly.

  “What?! You?!” Summer cried “B-but, I thought we’re popular!” 

  “Just because we’re popular doesn’t mean that some of us don’t long for a chance at sports!” Veronica said.

  She walked over to the crowd of girls raising their hands and raised her hand beside them. Soon, one by one, all of the popular girls raised their hands - except for Summer.

  “W-what? Haha! Guys this is a joke, right? Haha!” Summer laughed, uncertain whether it was a joke or not.

  “No. I’ve wanted to play sports my entire life!” Veronica admitted.

  “Once we came to this school we were forced to act like a normal girl - otherwise we’ll get expelled.” Jamie Peeves sighed.

  “And - we wouldn’t want to go to any other school, because in other schools they treat girls like servants.” Kloe Blank moaned.

  Summer scowled and stormed off. “Wow, guys. I can’t believe you!”

  The next few weeks were all spent on football training, basketball, and weightlifting. In a few weeks, the girls were all ready.

  “Boys, come. We need to beat the team that is competing with us today! Kale Boyd coached them.” Coach Murphy ordered.

  “What?! We’re competing with someone who got coached by Kale?! Amazing -” Collin exclaimed.

  “Mute yourself and let's train!” 


  When the boys saw who they were competing with, they were dumbstruck. 

  “Wait, what the heck? What are you doing here?” Collin asked.

  “Well, actually, you’re competing with us. Right, Coach Kale?” Abigail smirked.

  “Wha-! Whatever...let’s just get this over with. Boys, show them what you’re made of!” Coach Murphy yelled.

  The whistle sounded and Abigail zoomed across the field, dribbling the ball while she ran. Collin chased after her. Du~! Abigail scored one goal!

  “What?! H-How?” Louis Miller, the goalie, stammered, wondering what just happened.

  “Skill.” Abigail replied, grinning.

  Veronica dribbled the ball away from Jenson Cooker, her boyfriend. Jenson was a good football player, he tackled the ball away from her and dribbled it towards Karen - the goalie. 

  “BACK ATTACK!!!” Nerd Natalie cried. 

  She kicked the ball out of Jenson’s feet and kicked it to Weird Wilma. Weird Wilma dribbled the ball to the goal. Kalex tried kicking the ball away - but he couldn’t. He fell down in the wet damp grass (as it had been raining earlier today). 

 “Eeeeew! That is disguuuuuusting!” Clean-freak Chad said, disgusted.

  Jenson was all covered in mud - but he wasn’t a clean addict like Chad, or a good-looking addict like Collin.

  And of course, in the end the girls won with the girls with 5 goals and the boys with 2. Fascinating what girls can do when you just let them.


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