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Get Money Do Good


Must read 🏆

"We're coming for you." A rally that will spur you on like none other once you understand its premise. Join in the rescue: Read this book!

This book is told from a handful of distinct yet intertwined perspectives. It's this way of telling and sharing the stories within that makes it a 5-star book, a must read, and most noteworthy of all: Memorable.

Not only will you remember all of what you've read but you'll also be left with the desire to "Get Money" and "Do Good" within your own accord to join forces in changing lives and making a true difference in the world.

Angel's story is the one that haunts. It's how this book begins and ends that pierces you to your core. It's the miracle that you want to see come to fruition but has yet to manifest. It's the knowledge of how many young people are lost, suffering, being taken advantage of in the worst ways possible; the knowledge of neglect and abuse that's intolerable and we all know must come to and end, but how? One rescue at a time. One child at a time. One adoption at a time; and, sometimes, six children at once!

The most frustrating aspect of this read for me, as a Christian, is the knowledge that churches as a whole sometimes get things wrong. It's the red-tape and human failings found within leadership. It's the legalism instead of the passion. The head instead of the heart. The expansion of buildings locally rather than the expansion of the tent pegs of God's kingdom globally. It's humans getting in the way of God's plans, playing it safe, and thinking too small.

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is create your own path. The Vermaas family has done this time and time again. Getting uncomfortable, starting over, taking countless leaps of faith to advocate for those that are disadvantaged within various people groups around the world to include the children within their own family.

This book will take you around the world to places you've most likely never been and will open your eyes to the plight of others in such a manner as to leave you questioning how you too can "Get Money", "Do Good", and become another change maker this world (and its children) so desperately need.

A must read! Deepen your well, fill it up, give; but, beyond giving, couple that gift with doing something alongside it. Use your hands and feet and become the hands and feet of Jesus on earth.

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In addition to parenting her (now) 13 children, J.D. Vermaas is the Chief Leadership Officer of BASE4 where she provides executive coaching for her international team. J.D. is a quantitative researcher, published author, and double Ph.D. in the field of counseling and counselor education. view profile

Published on October 12, 2020

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