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Gamification: Playing for Profits


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Gamification: Playing For Profits provides tools and techniques for companies to boost production and employee morale via gaming strategies.

Gamification is a fun way to use gaming strategies in a real world setting to solve problems. Many persons are not even aware that they are involved in gamification until they fully understand what it is. In Gamification: Playing For Profits, Sarah Bean discusses how companies today can leverage gamification to motivate employees and increase productivity.  

Very often company execs are skeptical about the importance of gamification in an organization’s success. Sarah Bean does an excellent job at explaining how organizations can build enthusiastic, driven, and happy teams through the gamification process.  The author puts forth a compelling case for the use of gamification in business to improve sales, profits, morale, and consistency with a dash of fun. I love the fact that the author does not just talk about gamification, but also provides examples of games that you can use in your business today.

Many persons hear gamification, and they are stuck on the first part of the word. Their minds cannot get past game, and this causes them to lose out on the benefits of gamification. The author shows the reader how gamification can energize and challenge workers, and in turn improve bottom line.  Gamification energizes employees, who will pass this energy on to customers. When customers are energized, this can lead to increased profits, so everybody wins.

Managers and company execs can keep this book as a guide for adding gamification to their business. If your employees are unhappy and morale is low, you might want to take a peek at Gamification: Playing For Profits. If staff turnover is higher than you are comfortable with, then I recommend this book as a starting point. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from reading this book. Before turning up your nose at gamification, I challenge you to give this book a try. I have a feeling that you will change your mind about the impact gamification can have on your business before you get to the end of the book. 

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Published on May 21, 2020

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