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Fully Alive: Using Individuality to Conquer Addiction


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Must read 🏆

Informative, friendly and encouraging throughout. Would highly recommend this to a friend taking steps to recover from addiciton.

This self-help book is aimed at helping individuals overcome and recover from their personal struggles. The author has gone above and beyond to deliver the reader crucial and plentiful knowledge concerning this topic as well as a friendly tone throughout his well-written texts.

Readers can really interact with this book as it is packed with informative, well-structured and brilliantly detailed worksheets complemented with a well-written, easy to read guide throughout. I love how expertly the author has complemented the practical aspect of this book's purpose with the inclusion of real life experiences and his own anecdotal advice.

I love how informative this book is yet it isn't overwhelming or in-your-face for the reader. The layout is perfect with a very relaxing to the eye colour scheme which I found to help make me feel calm immediately upon reading.

It is also great to see throughout that the author provides lists of reasons why some people have slips or sudden triggers which I believe is crucial to include because listing all of these reasons helps people to identify their vulnerabilities or dangerous situations sooner. The book also includes some useful contacts for treatment programmes in the USA, U.K, Canada, and Australia.

There is even a recovery diet section to give the reader recommended nutritional advice in order to achieve 'a balanced mood and optimal energy levels' as well as sample meal suggestions to inspire the reader to consume healthily. This is also followed with some very useful tips on how to deal with cravings in a natural and mindful manner.

The author should be genuinely proud of what he has contributed to the world in the form of this book. This is a great source of help and much needed friendliness for anybody overcoming addiction or certain struggles, perhaps the best you could get in book form especially in terms of encouragement and prompting self-motivation within the reader.

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Fully Alive: Using Your Individuality to Conquer Addiction is an action-guide to sustaining sobriety like no other, packed full of infographics, self-diagnosis worksheets, and the revolutionary 'Sobriety Blueprint', which maps out your bright future in a tactical, easy-to-understand way AND it’s based on the most important part of your recovery—YOU. By focusing intently on your unique personality, likes, dislikes, talents, and interests, particularly when devising your plan of attack, your recovery becomes an extension of who you are as a person, and thus natural and easier than in the past.
Fully Alive: Using Your Individuality to Conquer Addiction also contains practical strategies, techniques, and real-life personal experiences from those who have permanently beaten addiction themselves. The step-by-step instructions outlined in this unique and wonderful guide will equip you with the arsenal of tools you need to create a rock-solid recovery foundation that can withstand the barrage of cravings, urges, and triggers experienced during the first year of sobriety.

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Michael was born in Baltimore, Maryland, but now lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida. After suffering through addiction for years and finally conquering it, he now uses this knowledge to help others avoid the unnecessary pain and misery he experienced. view profile

Published on May 01, 2021

Published by Second Life Press

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