Frankie's Ferocious Friend


Loved it! 😍

So colourful and cute! Perfect for young readers and has great section at the end on how to train your dog at home which is a lovely touch!

This book tells a the cute story of a lion being adopted into a human family and kept as a pet. One day when we see Frankie the lion being taken to a dog performing show where he is to perform tricks, there is some moral conflict as to whether Frankie should be able to join or not considering he is not actually a dog at a dog talent show. It is great to include these moral conflicts into children's books as it creates something for children to think about and debate which is great for their skill development.

Regarding the art style, all the pages were bright and colourful with different backgrounds that keep the reader engaged. The hand drawn style of the art was very different to the usual children's stories and it had a very cute feel to it.

My favourite part of this entire book was at the end where you can find tips on how to train your own dog at home. I think this section was such a great addition in order to inspire children to be more involved in the training of their pets with the simple instructions!

A great read for children.

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"Frankie's Ferocious Friend" tells the story of a brave little boy who learns a very wise lesson from his grandfather - to always take a chance. Frankie becomes fast friends with a precious lion cub named Fangs and together they enter the neighborhood dog show. The fans are quick to point out that Fangs isn't a dog like the other participants and try to have him disqualified. Together, Frankie and Fangs show the judges while Fangs isn't a dog, he is a furry friend with a lot of talent. In the end, Fangs win the competition!

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Michelle Parmigiani is the premier author of children’s book publisher, Fifth & Zilai. A master of the written word in varying forms, Michelle’s melodic style of writing illuminates meaningful messages for children. Michelle believes that the greatest lesson to learn is to simply be ourselves. view profile

Published on August 01, 2020

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Genre: Children's

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