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Forgive Me, Father...


Worth reading 😎

It's not easy to grab a reader in so few pages while still giving them the complete story, but O'Shea does it.

Forgive Me, Father is a very quick read, taking less than fifteen minutes from start to finish. I think the actual page count is something like nine pages, but Tim O'Shea manages to pack a punch with that nine pages. Given the length of the story, I'll avoid details, since almost anything I say will give spoilers, but I will say that once the man in the back pew starts talking, it's easy to see where things are headed - kind of, and kind of not. Either way, it is a disturbing tale. That said, it surprised me to find a short story of only nine pages as a book on its own. I would've expected this one to be in a collection of several short stories, but it is what it is. This one does have an intriguing premise that I think could've made a gripping full-length novel, and I have to hand it to the author. It's not easy to grab a reader in so few pages while still giving them the complete story, but he does it. From what I've seen here, I would be interested to see what this author can do with a novel because he certainly shows talent for suspense. The story is well-written, and the flow and pacing are good. O'Shea does paint a good picture of the characters' surroundings with minimal space in the story, and it's easy to picture the man in the back pew from seeing him through the eyes of the priest, so again, the author clearly has talent. The only real drawback for me is the length of the story. Once I saw where it was going, I wanted to know more about the man in the back pew and what led him to that spot on that day. In the end, it is worth the read, and the length makes it perfect for a short break in the afternoon or a quick bedtime read.

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Published on December 15, 2019

2000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Thriller & Suspense

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