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Footsteps of my soul


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Very impressive debut collection. Good, honest poetic style, nice imagery, and sincere emotion. Pictures add to the book.

I have read a lot of poetry in recent years. As an owner/moderator and participant in several online communities, I have seen all sorts of styles and various levels. Some of it is not yet poetry, and may quite frankly never be. We all have to begin someplace, but there are some things that elude our reach.

This is a very impressive first book of poetry. The poet offers eight chapters and many photographic images. While most of them are attributed to someone or described as personal ones, not all of them are. The sources need to be there for copyright protection.

That being said, the poetry is not ekphrastic. Rather, the images have inspired the poet to write, and her thoughts take off from the images themselves. And there is nothing wrong with that at all!

Among the poems are ones in free verse, but also several villanelles, sestinas, terzanelles, and sonnets, to name a few. Poets who compose the same thing in the same style never develop and for as much personal enjoyment they themselves derive from their works, readers certainly do not


Although a long book, having separate chapters makes it easy to savor and to read in smaller sections. I recommend it to lovers of poetry.

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I am a published poet with four books out there of my own, and two in collaboration with artist Carol Worthington-Levy. Additionally I have drafts of a novel and one short story in the process of being sent out.


A collection of 80 photo poems. Print book was published at on Dec. 17, 2020 and the ebook on Dec. 30. There are 8 chapters on topics about: Food for the spirit, Meanderings on life, Musings of the heart and mind, Poetry forms, Nature, Children, People coping up with life, illusions of passion.

These are not purely ekphrastic poetry, as only a few write about works of art, paintings or sculpture. Most are of ordinary subjects, photos on which were taken with an eye to beauty that inspires.

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This is my first published book. I don’t call this ekphrastic poetry as a few are of works of art, paintings or sculptures, but mere ordinary subjects taken with a view to beauty that inspires. I am not in the literary field, and compiled poems were written as a hobby for my own amusement. view profile

Published on December 17, 2020

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