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Follow the Moon


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"Follow the Moon by Harem Rawlings is a story full of adventure, romance and mystery."

"Follow the Moon" by Herm Rawlings is a story of four long-time friends that went on an adventurous fishing trip on the tiny coastal town of Chincoteague Island, Virginia.

"This was a beautiful early June day for the four friends who had just navigated their boat from Curtis Merritt Harbor, the largest of the few public boat ramps located on the small Eastern Shore island. Their grand plan was to have a relaxing day of fishing and then head to shore and enjoy some drinks at Chatties Lounge, a popular local watering hole, before heading back to the rental house for a good night’s sleep before heading out on the water again in the morning".

The four friends managed to enjoy together after a long time of two years. They were not sure that when would they be able to meet again after this memorable trip. They tried their best to make this one weekend as the best ever hang out in their entire life.

"The three men were college friends, with Johnny and Traise being roommates the entire four years of college in both the dorm as well as the townhouse they rented during their junior and senior year. When they first met, Traise wasn’t so sure about his new roomie, with his long hair, nerdy computer talk and all, but they quickly became best friends. After college, Johnny had always seemed to get bit by the love bug and never hesitated to pick up and move to wherever the new love of his life resided. "

While enjoying their time they reminisced the old days of their past, the days that they spent together as friends in their youth. The novel takes some interesting turn as the author introduces some other characters in the story apart from these main figures. The introduction to the strange pilots, two star-crossed lovers, a grandfather and grandson. All of them are going to encounter some mysterious events while undertaking the journey of life.

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About the author

Herm Rawlings enlisted in the Coast Guard at age 17 and retired 20 years later at the rank of Chief Petty Officer, Hospital Corpsman. He now works for the Navy in Wallops Island, Va. He and his wife Kim have one son, Traise. view profile

Published on July 01, 2020

Published by Scantic Books

20000 words

Genre: Action & Adventure

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