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Flat Earth


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A page turning YA Fantasy Adventure bursting with plot-twists, likable characters, and an original premise that is compelling and satisfying

Utopia isn't always what it's cracked up to be. In this particular case, utopia is a 1950's-esque farming community set smack up against an monstrosity that no one seems to question. A gargantuan metal wall that stretches far beyond to borders of the quiet, nondescript town. It's extraordinarily odd, yet everyone accepts it as normal. I was reminded of The Truman Show where Truman finds the wall at the far end of his world.  

It doesn't take long for the story Golembiewski has so deftly woven to come alive. Meteors and great chunks of debris falling from the sky turn utopia into an mind-bending mystery where the main character, James, discovers clues about the world in which he lives he never could have dreamed possible. Where baseball and apple pie were once the norm, he is suddenly faced with the inconceivable.  

The people he's closest to have odd memory gaps. He suddenly finds himself in an alien landscape chased by robots. Everything he thought he understood about the world is turned upside-down. Mysteries unravel, leading our hero to question even his own thoughts as he begins to realize the truth. The truth that the truth is not the truth. 

Golembiewski's Flat Earth is a page-turning YA Fantasy Adventure bursting with plot-twists, genuinely likable characters, well-constructed world-building, and an original premise that is both compelling and satisfying. A fantastic beginning to what promises to be an outstanding series.

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Cynthia A. Morgan is an award-winning author of Fantasy, Dystopian Action, Romance and Poetry. Morgan's captivating tales serve as a backdrop for messages like 'show thankfulness through kindness and appreciate blessings through generosity' and 'the only way to achieve peace is by becoming peace'

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Brent Golembiewski is a U. S. Air Force veteran with 20+ years of service. He started his career as an enlisted troop, working as an Electronic Warfare Technician, and completed it as an officer, never working a day as a Helicopter Evaluator Pilot, flying the mighty UH-1N “Huey”. view profile

Published on May 19, 2020

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