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Family Dynamics: Embrace Your Sound


Must read 🏆

A clever, easy-to-understand introduction to music education that's sure to bring a smile to any child's face. Delightful!

Violin lives in a local music store with her family of instruments: The String Family. She hears enchanting music coming from other parts of the store. But try as she might, Violin can’t make the same sounds she hears.

One day, a little girl comes into the store. She picks Violin up and doesn’t put her back with her family. So Violin takes the opportunity to explore the rest of the store and meet other musical families. She finds woodwinds, percussion, brass, and so on. Also valved instruments, reeded instruments, and slide instruments. All explain what they do and how they work and sound. (It’s really cute!)


When Violin finally makes her way back to her own musical family, she gets to see what happens when every Family of Instruments joins together to create beautiful, enchanting sounds.


This book is so much fun! Easy-to-read text is accompanied by colorful, creative illustrations and a dynamic, vivacious voice with a lively narrative cadence. Beautiful illustrations are sure to delight and enchant young readers. The writing style is informative and gently educational without becoming too taxing or technical for young readers. Older readers may learn a thing or two about musical families, too!


A fun read for children, this is also an excellent resource for parents, teachers, and any adult who would like to cultivate an appreciation for and a better understanding of music and musical instruments with a young child. So if you’re looking for an easy-to-understand introduction to music education and a symphony orchestra for your child or another youngster, Family Dynamics is a clear winner. Delightful!

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Violin always hears beautiful music throughout the music store where she lives, but she can never make the same sounds.

Join Violin on this music store adventure!

Meet new instrument families and learn how their unique sounds and qualities create the symphony orchestra.

Violin soon realizes that embracing her differences could change her world…

...one note at a time.

About the author

Courtney Vowell Woodward is a wife, mom, former music educator, business owner, and author. She taught in the classroom for 15 years, but Courtney now hopes to share her passion for music through early children's literature. Courtney incorporates basic musical knowledge inside heartfelt stories. view profile

Published on March 01, 2022

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