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Exposed: Humanity Craves Power


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The battle lines are drawn when a member of a secret right-wing organization runs for President of the USA.

The struggle of a right-wing Republican brotherhood and their ambition to put one of their own into the ultimate position of power – to be President of the United States of America – is a powerful story encompassing many aspects of life from the Vietnam vets to the crisis in education.

The brotherhood, which calls itself Guddi Feex, is based on the premise that former black Southern sugar-plantation owners, who were also slave owners, had to form their own private army to fight for their rights. It was from this group of elite land owners that the movement grew. Meeting secretly and using code names, the members control some of America’s biggest companies and together control millions of dollars in global business. The head of the powerful Fitsroy family is Rashin and his two sons, Jason and Horus are the new generation of ambitious members. As the story unfolds it is Horus who is presented as the perfect presidential candidate – successful, charming, black and ready to stand against the Democrats.

From here the story unfolds in the saga of American factions, conspiracy theories, the relentless battle for the White House and the incredibly complicated politicking that takes place in the background right across the nation. Entwined in this is the ever-present media and the lobbyists who influence them.

The characters are numerous and I sometimes found myself at a loss as to where everyone fitted in. Nevertheless it is a compelling story and comes at an opportune time with that nation having just gone through its 2020 Presidential battle. 

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Published on December 09, 2020

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