Exploring the Neighborhood Pronghorn Community (second edition)


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This nimble read is a skillful, engaging blend of science, adventure, and inspiration. Fascinating, informative, and compelling!

How did pronghorn antelope become iconic symbols of the American West? Why is the term “antelope” more common than “pronghorn”? What is the pronghorn’s closest relative based on DNA? What is the fastest land animal in the world outside of the African cheetah?

Dive into this fascinating and nimble read for answers to all of this and more with Exploring the Neighborhood Pronghorn Community. This non-fiction work is a skillful blend of science and adventure. Written in a lively and upbeat style, the author chronicles his “cognitive, emotional, and spiritual impressions” during eighteen months of “pronghorn safaris” in the wilds of Colorado. His intent is to present research and observations and discoveries of a pronghorn herd to satisfy his “long-held curiosity about pronghorn life.”

And he delivers. In spades.

If you’re thinking this is a dull scientific text or a book on animal husbandry that’s as dull as a blunt spoon, fear not! Because this is none of the above. It’s an informative and immensely engaging “up close and personal” look at these amazing “high plains drifters” on hooves. It shows readers how fearless and curious pronghorn are. What incredibly keen eyesight, hearing, and smell they have and the beauty, grace, and timelessness of their wilderness environment.

The author skillfully interweaves his own story and experiences into the narrative along with his wilderness adventures. While watching the fleet-footed pronghorn, for example, he often ruminates about the brevity of life and the passage of time.

Just shy of one hundred pages, Pronghorn is chockful of interesting details about the history, habitat, body structure and behavior of these beautiful creatures. The text is richly illustrated with color photos. These enhance the reader’s understanding of these magnificent animals. Aerial maps, charts, and figures are also included in this compelling and absorbing read.

Chapters are well-organized and cogent. They feature a variety of information and observations related to pronghorn life. These include pronghorn social structure and behavior, the etymology of the word “pronghorn,” herd communication, and preservation efforts. The text is thoughtful and measured, with an excellent eye for detail. I learned a lot about these beautiful, fleet animals.

The author, also known as “Professor Jim,” is an adjunct professor of engineering and a freelance wildlife research. His adventures and insights related to pronghorn antelope make for a rich and fascinating read. In fact, the author’s passion for these majestic animals shines through in every page. It’s easy to get lost in this enriching, incandescent read. And never want to come back.

I’m glad I grabbed this book. You will be, too!

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James J. Szczur (Professor Jim, is an author, university professor of engineering, freelance wildlife researcher, and photographer. Living in Colorado, he grew up near Philadelphia PA. A scientist at heart, he is always looking for his next adventure! view profile

Published on September 24, 2022

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