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In the you-go-girl vein of favorites like “Shirley Valentine” and “Private Benjamin,” former housewife Susan shows she has much to offer.

A beleaguered housewife and mother who married too young and has been taken for granted far too long walks away from it all and right into a fantasy gig as the lead singer in a WHAM! tribute band. There, away from the dull and dismissive husband who always sides against her, and the verbally abusive teenage daughter whose assaults leave questionable room for reconciliation, Susan forges a path to a new, self-supporting life in a genuine rock and roll fantasy.


In the you-go-girl vein of screen favorites like “Shirley Valentine” and “Private Benjamin,” Susan is a spunky, underestimated heroine who shows everyone – mostly herself – that she has far more to offer than anyone realized. Such stories of an underdog who stands up for herself and crafts a new and completely different life can have a crowd-pleasing effect, and Susan’s unexpected leap and landing certainly inspire admiration and imagination.


There is, however, an uncomfortable degree of venom and one-dimensionality to Susan’s view of her husband and daughter. No doubt they behave badly, and arguably there is no going backward when certain relationships reach a tipping point. But even the vilest of villains has a good day, and it would be easier to root for Susan if she demonstrated more maturity and care for those around her. Sure, she’s a woman in search of her life, but she’s also a mother and owes more parental responsibility than she demonstrates. Likewise, despite her bold initiative achieving status in the band, Susan’s characterization of herself as a victim lends an unfortunate petulance to what could be a substantive and stirring heroine.


Still, watching Susan find her voice by finding her voice has an appealing symmetry. And while her escape from domestic unhappiness is perhaps a necessarily selfish exercise, Susan does leave readers with the hint and hope that she may have finally gained the maturity to care for others.




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I’m Jordana Landsman, a working mom of three, wife of the one, award-winning author, poet, and book lover. I read and review a gazillion books so you know what's worth reading.

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Hi. I'm an award winning writer from Scotland. I live near Loch Lomond with my two kids and three dogs. In 2008, I won a Royal Mail Award for Scottish Children's Books for my traditionally published children's novel, DarkIsle. I have three other kids books and another book for adults out. view profile

Published on December 09, 2018

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