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Do you believe that plants can communicate?

The botanical world holds a rich, rooted history, and it's alive, speaking to us today!

Lydia Blue's passion is for wild things! Living and working in Colorado, Lydia becomes acquainted with a man named Stone. She continues to brush shoulders with this handsome but seemingly hard-hearted co-worker. Despite the friction in their relationship, together they unravel a tribal plot that seems harmless to Stone, but suspicious to Lydia. Unwavering in her curiosity, she pushes to discover the legend behind a sacred ceremony taking place on the Ladora lands. Stone's fascination with this strong-willed woman is persistent, and he's not shy to let her know.

Ada Pearl, Lydia's precious grandmother, is her inspiration. With the gift of foresight, Ada is a guide in life's challenges. Ada is a medicine woman, dwelling in her mountain home, awaiting her granddaughters' visits. Their bond is strong, grounded in love, nature's healing power, and respect for their Creator. Can Lydia and her grandmother unveil the truth? Will Stone stand in their way?

Travel through this book of the mysterious botanical realm, where plants whisper wisdom and a battle of light versus darkness unfolds.

* BONUS: Herbal Medicine Recipes!

Chapter 1 ‒ Enlightenment

(East Israel)

This is as far back as I can recall in the walls of my memory. For you to absorb the tales, you must know where our roots began. To fully experience the knowledge of botanicals, you must share in the mystery of our origination, our quickening to life. You will understand, as you enter into our realm, the ways in which we came to be, and now whisper among your world. Listen now, as I reveal to you the beginnings of a spiritual journey long ago.

They carried us across thousands of miles of dry land, in the hands of what felt like truth. Our journey led us slowly towards a light, as our handlers focused on a beaming star in the east, not fully realizing what awaited them.  Then again, how could we have known Whom we were approaching? The Magi were wonderfully enjoyable to listen to. Their conversations were filled with interesting words and rich experience. My companion and I gleaned much from these men, their stories adding to our understanding of human nature.  Listening and learning of prophecies, history, and hope for our earth, it granted us a glimpse into what it’s like to be part of man’s world. As we rest in the satchels of the wise men, we realize there is much chaos among humans, yet so much peace to be had.

We are of the botanical world, Myrrh and I. It is unclear how much further back in time we originated, but my friend and I sense we were close to the beginning of it all.  There are others, many plants, herbs, trees, and flowers.  Our kind can also take the form of resins, extracted from our parent trees.  Plants feel, but it is not as humans experience feeling. When we are pulled away from the tree, we know this is occurring and we can feel the process.  However, there is no physical pain, only a sense of transition. We whisper a sincere departing vow to our home, and ignited within us is the knowledge of how to grow again, to regenerate, if given the right environment. Some humans grant us a welcoming space to grow, while others do not. But today, we sense an opportunity for life like we’ve not yet touched.  

We travel in the dusty lined bag of the wise man, with a substance that flickers with specks of golden light. We can tell it is not part of the plant kingdom.  Myrrh made efforts to speak with it, but she says it remains quiet.  Our communication as botanicals comes from within and it transcends with others of our kind as internal thought. We do not speak externally, as we witness humans sharing.  Our voice is telepathic and also through the movement of our body, stems, leaves, petals, and full being.  We must allow and welcome the exchanges, to fully communicate with our kind.  It has been said that some powerful, older species of plants can block other plants’ messages. On a great occasion, with such mystery and excitement, we do have the ability to share in rare correspondence with humans.  Like plants, they must be open and allow our voices to connect with their souls.  If not, blocks stand strong and often remain permanent in the human’s mind. There are few humans who have this special kind of nature. I am sorry to say I have not had this opportunity but once, and I am being carried by those nurturing souls right now. 

We hear the Magi speak of “gold for the King.” Myrrh expresses that this Gold must be the identity of our shining, silent traveling partner. She believes he is a mineral. Myrrh has always had great intuitions. The gold is to be given as a gift. Once Myrrh and I understand this idea, I have a knowing that I am to be presented as incense to a God, for I am Frankincense.  Myrrh is aware of her anointing quality. Each of us in the Botanical World holds specific powers ‒ a property that was embedded within us when the time came forth.  We uphold this power and give worthy credit to the One who made us.  All in the plant world share this belief. It is a deep truth that runs in our lifeblood, from the soil, to seed, to stem.  We have a Creator whose hands blessed us at birth. 

Our carriers are talking with increased anticipation in their tones as we approach closer to the light shown from above. We are reaching nearer to our destination, as the men speak of a desire to worship the King. Plants understand worship, and we have heard the songs of men.  We too have melodies, and these odes come up from our roots at each new moon. The cycles of the moon are our great clock, and when a new moon rises, so does the harmonic voices of our botanical world, from each of the four star-points. We know what it is to worship with joy, so Myrrh and I (and possibly Gold) are eager to see this King that the three men have come to honor.

Stepping their way up a hill, we reach a hut. There is a glow of candlelight and aromas of earth and straw.  We can feel the air shift as if we were breathing in love, and suddenly Gold, Myrrh, and I are in movement.  We are carefully presented in front of a wooden cradle, holding a child.  As the wise men declare their worship, we see the light from above grow brighter. Its fresh glow falls upon the child, and at that moment, we are enlightened in our innermost parts— This is our Beloved Creator. Glory. Glory. Glory!  In that holy moment, and to our astonishment, we could hear our Maker speak tenderly to us alone, “Frankincense and myrrh, you are anointed and called to be King & Queen of the Botanical World. Rule with love. Lead with light.” 

Within this sacred place, we are part of the divine offering. With a swift change in the brilliant light above and the abyss of time, Myrrh and I pass from the physical into the spiritual realm, taking our places as King & Queen of the Botanical World. I shall share the remains of this great story with you now. Welcome to the Botanical World.

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