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Whether you are managing people at work or in a group project at school/university, this book is the ultimate guide to effective leadership.

It goes without saying that leadership is extremely important in today's society especially in a time where we need order and direction as well as compassion and understanding amid the ongoing chaos that is 2020.

"The world is in dire need of leaders who are ethically dedicated to creating more copies of themselves to lead us in the future"

Kris Pitta informatively discusses the crucial aspects of leadership in every environment, aspects such as how personalities affect power and how to manage differences without damaging your leadership style or effectiveness. 

There is a huge and necessary focus on the importance and potential of efficient teamwork and the need for an effective, understanding leader in order to ensure the success of the team.

'It can be incredibly detrimental when a leader is unaware of how to make the most productive use of their power'

This is a genuinely helpful guide to manifesting yourself as the most productive leader you can be all whilst being responsible, ethical and compassionate in your direction. The sections on how to be a responsible leader as well as an active and involved leader are imperative. I found it especially interesting to read about the

misconceptions surrounding the concept of soft speaking as a sign of weakness, when in reality it is far from that if used appropriately.

The book also talks about how leaders can stimulate productivity through encouraging continuous learning within their team as well as nurturing the invaluable growth of individual team members.

I also wholly agree with the author on the statement that cultivating a team of people without 'instilling fear, draining self-confidence or curbing open-mindedness in their team members' makes for the best leaders.

It was very interesting to learn in depth about the varying types of power, such as power stemmed from possessing certain information or perhaps through applying morals, a charismatic personality that increases communication skills and those who are coercive in their management to achieve their goals (to name but a few of the many examples the author provides) as well as an informative section on factors that contribute to an individual's power.

In short, this is an essential read for anybody in management. A true helping hand for anybody who aspires to be the best type of leader they can be for themselves and for the people they are responsible for.

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Kris Pitta is the CEO of Prudent Resources Corporation. Kris uses his experience as an employee and a leader to educate and inspire others to find their own leadership strengths. Kris has now added published author to his résumé with his upcoming book Empowered Leadership. view profile

Published on December 12, 2020

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