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Embracing God in the Right Perspective with the Right Foundation of Faith in Him


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A passionate study of the scripture, with passages curated from both the Old Testament and the New. Christianity is the only way to go.

The Truth will Set you Free, is written by “a true faith believer in the way, the truth and the life in Jesus Christ,” Chris Tham. He is a man who is wholly committed to Christian biblical scripture. Right from the get-go, Chris begins his own interpretation of passages from the Bible that he has curated in a way that follows the biblical timeline from the Old Testament to the New. He is intensely inspired and passionate about scripture. He discusses the journey between being a non believer and believer as a transformation process which he likens to the growth cycle of a mustard tree which begins with the seed of faith. Chris uses a biblical image of the mustard seed as a symbol of growth and connects it to the number 9 because the mustard plant grows 9 feet tall.  He expands on that number to find other instances in the Bible where it is symbolic, like the 9 fruits of the holy spirit. I liked his graphs that parallel faith, hope, and love with the questions; Who are we? Why are we created? What does life mean to us? How should we live our lives? Where is our ultimate destiny?  

Chris also puts forth what he calls an Option theory. He presents us with two options on how we want to live our lives moving forward. And we are to answer the question after we die. If you could choose, would you live in eternity with God, or would you live eternally with your family? And he teases out the idea that God is something we cannot understand in a physical sense so we would all pick our families. And it is through Jesus that man can get a glimpse into what God is. But there is one thing Chris knows for sure, the Christian God is the one choice for everyone in the world. The only choice. Chris has committed to studying the Bible as a way of being and has done a lot of the heavy lifting that many of us will never do for ourselves. I would have like to read more of Chris’s personal reflections because there were many biblical passages that needed commentary. Also, the chapters were not linked, so it was difficult navigating about and the font needs to be reword reworked.   But overall promising. Thank you, Chris, a faithful man of God.

Just remember. All books are good books but not all books are for all people!

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Published on October 23, 2020

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