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Ellanor and the Land of the Midnight Sun


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An action-packed adventure filled with mystery for two sisters Elly and Goldie who must fight together to protect their homeland.

Ellanor and the Land of the Midnight Sun is the third installment of The Ellanor Chronicles, an action-packed fantasy series. This book was just as entertaining and surprising as the previous books. The adventure picks up from the second book and it delivers an exhilarating adventure.

Elly and Goldie have been seeing each other in their dreams since their twelfth birthday and they unexpectedly meet in London while Elly is on the search for the Guardian Cephrin with her friend Aron. Goldie and her friend Sebastian are shocked to meet Elly and Aron. Sebastian has been marked by Marah after the fight with Veronica Waldorf and is slowly getting affected by the poison. Elly and Goldie do not have time for reunions and they join together and search for the Riddler, Guardian Cephrin.

When they finally track him down, they are made to face the Beta and Veronica Waldorf again. This confrontation feels inevitable as the Beta and Veronica have been recruiting people for their cause and Elly and the rest stand against a small army of people. After narrowly beating the Beta, Elly and the others travel again. Also, every time they teleport, Elly and Goldie keep seeing visions of their parents’ past.

Elly and Goldie’s parents, Thorne and Jonah, were an elf and a human who died a long time ago. The visions reveal unnerving truths and explain why, though they were sisters, Elly grew up in Alendria and Goldie grew up in various foster homes. The visions also show us the instances that led to their deaths. Elly and Goldie have to move past their differences and work together to fight the dark powers that threaten their world.

The world-building was breath-taking. I loved the plot and the places traveled. The characters were adorable and enchanting. I could feel myself visiting the places they traveled to and laughing with them during their conversations. I was completely immersed in this beautiful plot. It was one of those books I did not want to end. I wanted to keep reading about these wonderful characters in this mesmerizing setting. I am already craving the sequel.

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About the author

Kathryn Tse-Durham is the author of Ellanor and the Search for Organoth Blue Amber, the award-winning first book in The Ellanor Chronicles. She lives in the vibrant international city of Hong Kong with her growing family. view profile

Published on January 21, 2021

Published by Hedgehog Publishing

120000 words

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

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