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Bravery comes from oneself, but others are needed for the person to take the first step.

Every life has its own particular set of challenges. That is what it means to be a human being. Some lives have more than the usual amount of challenges, some of them result from bad choices, and others come from the situations that people find themselves in over which they have no control.

Elements starts off the from the latter point. The author is purposely vague about what she endured. I consider this is be very commendable; not that I would criticize her or anyone else for being specific. In her case, the author wants as many people as possible to learn from her example and to benefit from it. In other words, it is about the process rather than the background of the situation.

The author does this by weaving poetry and prose together. There is more of the former, and the latter serves to transition and to inspire. This is a very affirming work, and is designed for anyone working through a bad situation to benefit from it.

The four elements are joined with Space, which starts the book. There is a determination in the poetry, and the reader can clearly sense the passion behind the verse. Here is one example:

'After all,
rock bottom is not
the worst place
you could find yourself
at least you know
it is as bad as
it can possibly get
now you can look
forward to
climbing out. "

And another:

" I crave the darkness so strongly
 each drop of light that pierces my skin
 sends me further down the rabbit hole
 of my infinite soul "

Not all of the poetry has the usual features; but that is not to say it becomes prose. There is movement, passion, and drama in the verse. The author is clear that we have to love ourselves first of all, and that whatever we do is with the help of others. Very practical advice!

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Sandra Cooper (Cooper Poetry) writes vulnerable and heartfelt pieces about her experiences with mental health battles, chronic pain, and her love of mindfulness and self-discovery. Prepare to be inspired and emotional after reading Cooper's work! view profile

Published on August 01, 2020

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