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Dogs Don't Lie


Loved it! 😍

The author managed to convince me it "could be" possible to communicate with animals. Job well done!

The synopsis drew me in completely since I knew it would be original, for me. I had never read a story about a character having an ability to communicate with animals, to have images placed into their minds which could have only come from the four-legged creatures. I am so glad I gave the book a chance.

The writing is solid - from the characterization, to the plot, to the pace at which the events took place. I even found myself believing it could be possible for humans to communicate with animals in such a way. Am I right, or am I wrong? It doesn't matter. The point is that the author convinced me it could be possible.

I also enjoyed that I was surprised on a few occasions from what I thought was happening to what had really happened; that was a refreshing change since many stories I've read tend to provide very little mystery for me.

There are some typos which could be fixed but you'll see that from major publishing houses, as well. All in all, this is a definite page turner and, if this is a debut Kallie Collins mystery, it is an excellent introduction to the mystery series since it doesn't give us too much, too soon, in terms of what will happen with some of the characters.

I will be back looking to read more about these characters and to see what creature will communicate with Kallie next.

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Lisa Shay did take a class on animal communication, really, it’s a thing. Lisa lives in the Pacific Northwest on the southern Oregon coast . Lisa also goes by the name R E Sheahan, writing YA Science Fiction/Fantasy. view profile

Published on September 30, 2019

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