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Dog the Stray & Little Star


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This story is enjoyable for readers who like tales about dogs and the ability to dictate the appearance of books they read.

Friends sometimes appear in unlikely places, connecting despite differences in appearance or upbringing. Meet Dog, a lovable stray who enjoys his freedom, filling his days searching for food behind his favorite local diner and chasing mice to keep fit. One day, he hears an unusual, high-pitched whistle. Pressing his paws over his ears, Dog searches for the source of the offending sound. Finally, Dog is able to  attribute the noise to a little star who has fallen from the sky and injured herself on the way. Dog carefully collects the star and brings her back to his cozy abode, where they must work together to find a way to return the star to her celestial home. An enjoyable tale of friendship, this story connects two wayward creatures across a great distance. Interestingly, the illustrations are primarily black and white, inviting readers to color in their own interpretation of Dog’s world. Select pages are dark blue with yellow stars and text, focusing the reader on particular moments of the plot without the opportunity to modify those images. The text itself is of medium length, appearing in chunky capital letters that dominate much of each page. Occasional punctuation and phrasing errors complicate the reading of this story aloud; however, this may not be an issue based on its presentation. Overall, the story has a plausible plot arc, though the relationship between Dog and the other animals at the other end does not have textual support earlier in the story. This and the other books in the Dog the Stray series are enjoyable for readers who like tales about dogs and the ability to dictate the appearance of books they read. Though clumsy at times, the unique presentation of this book is worth a look as it is an accessible approach for a range of ages.

Grades K-2 

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Dog the Stray is going about his stray life, eating and exercising with the Mousy Mice. One night Little Star falls from the sky. Dog nourishes her back to health and helps her get back home by jumping on his trampoline. Dog the Stray and Little Star, is the first book in a series of adventures. First released in English as a coloring book, it's also the perfect bedtime story for children of all ages and their families. It is a story about friendship and hope.

About the author

Dinarte De Freitas is a Portuguese/American author of the recently released children's coloring book "DOG THE STRAY AND LITTLE STAR". Born in Funchal, Madeira, Dinarte is also an actor/ director with a long list of theatre, film, television, and commercial credits. view profile

Published on October 05, 2020

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