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Dodgy Dogs and Bloody Bastards


Loved it! 😍

When a racetrack racket turns to murder, Detective Inspector Temple and Sergeant Cantwell are called in to sniff out the culprits.

"Dodgy Dogs & Bloody Bastards" is a very entertaining start to a new historical mystery series set in 1950 featuring the adventures of Detective Inspector James Temple and Sergeant Tom Cantwell. The experienced former member of the Scotland Yard Police, Temple, and the new-to-the-detective bureau, Cantwell, is a great pairing. Temple has a storied past; he'd been a decorated war hero, and after relocating his wife and young daughter to Starmouth, she'd found Devon too different from her life in London and had taken their child gone back to London to live. While his backstory gives him depth, it does not bring the story down by continual brooding. Cantwell, still learning the ropes, is delightful as he tries to balance his work life and home life. I look forward to their future tales. The supporting characters, good and bad, were solid, and I felt like I knew these people by the end of the story.

The Devon setting was enjoyable, and I liked the bits and pieces that made this location come alive. The story encompasses a bit of countryside, small villages, and waterside scenes, so a lot of the variety that Devon offers. I liked that the story was set in 1950, and I got a real feel of that time while I read.

As it turns out, "Dodgy Dogs & Bloody Bastards" is not a "who-done-it." We know upfront what's happened and what's going on with the crooks. This is the story of the newly-formed Temple and Cantwell team discovering what we already know and making a case that will stick against a criminal that has repeatedly eluded prosecution for years.

DODGY DOGS & BLOODY BASTARDS is well worth a reader's time, especially for mystery genre lovers and those with an interest in the world of dog racing or even those that would enjoy the setting and time frame of 1950s post-WWII England.

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Published on December 31, 2020

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Mystery & Crime

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