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Disruption Games looks at the relationship between business success and failure in a dramatically different way than other business books!

The relationship between success and failure is often overlooked by many individuals and corporations. In Disruption Games, author Tronde Arne Undheim completely debunks the myth that success breeds success. Instead, the author delves (humorously at times) into the importance of understanding how individuals and companies can be innovative regardless of multiple failures.

I love the structure of the book. The overview at the beginning of the book gives readers all the information they need to decide if the book is worth reading. Further, the organization of the Contents section is brilliant. There are the major chapter headings along with subheadings that highlight pertinent sections of that chapter. The introduction and content sections will therefore satisfy the curiosity of any prospective reader. Tronde Arne Undheim also adds key takeaways and reflections to the end of each chapter. Individuals and groups can use the key takeaways and reflections as prompts for further discussion. The figures provided in some chapters are an additional goldmine for readers.

The book is packed with great information about innovation and the startup experience. The author uses real world experience to share the good, the bad, and the ugly about why companies thrive or fail. Entrepreneurs, startups, and large corporations can benefit from the author's experience. Tronde Arne Undheim packed a lot of information into this small volume. Readers can use this book as reference to consult at every stage of a project. I believe this book could be used as text for a Business or Entrepreneur course because of the valuable information it holds.

The main takeaway for me from this book was even near monopolies can be affected by disruptive conditions. The author delivers what he promised by providing actionable insights on how individuals and corporations can build an attractive innovation portfolio and transform their views of failure. Tronde Arne Undheim with his vast experience in startups, artificial intelligence, and entrepreneurship is highly qualified to make the recommendations he has made in this book. I highly recommend this book for business school libraries, individuals interested in startups, individuals and corporations struggling to understand how to manage failures, and anyone interested in building an attractive innovation portfolio.

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Trond Undheim is a futurist, speaker, entrepreneur and former director of MIT Startup Exchange. He is the CEO and cofounder of Yegii. He holds a PhD on the future of work and artificial intelligence and cognition. Undheim is the author of Leadership From Below (2008) and Disruption Games (2020). view profile

Published on May 01, 2020

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