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A charming and steamy romance; dibs offers an addictive relationship that you will quickly come to love.

Dibs is a romance novel that will make you smile and swoon, possibly at the same time. The story’s protagonist, Olivia, finds her love Adam during an unexpected time in her life. From the moment Olivia is introduced, you quickly get the sense that she is a strong, humorous and relatable young lady. She has a backstory that many people can relate to and I was surprised to discover all of the serious themes that were explored through her. She has a rough past when it comes to love and she eventually learns that it is okay to let her guard down for the right person. My favorite part of this novel are its characters; each one is fleshed out brilliantly and is given a unique and honest voice. Olivia and Adam’s romance is both sexy and lovely; I found myself getting sucked into Adam’s charm and cheering for Olivia as she navigated through their relationship. Sometimes in romance novels it feels like the characters’ relationships are forced, however I feel Adam and Olivia are meant to be together. They work hard to get to know each other well because they know it will benefit them in the long run. They respect and understand each other. Their love for each other is special.

I like this book. Allison Martine’s writing is well done; she does a great job at developing well rounded characters. The plot is fun and although predictable at times, does keep you on the edge of your seat. The story’s pacing is quick overall, although sometimes certain descriptions slow down the story quite a bit. Near the ending I felt the story was slowing down a little too much but not so much that it made me stop reading. All in all, it is easy to get through and I had a hard time putting it down. I did finish this book in one sitting and I can easily imagine most people reading this story within a day or two. I feel it is a great escape from everyday life and feel that many people will come to love this story and its characters. I suggest this book to anyone who wants an amusing and lovable read. This novel teaches you how to treat your partner the right way. It also teaches you that even if you get your heart broken, you should always take a chance on love.

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Allison Martine is nearly a native Californian and lives with her husband and three children in Orange County. Allison can be found on the hiking trails through the canyons or overcaffeinating in her favorite local coffee shops. DIBS is her debut novel. view profile

Published on April 24, 2020

Published by Breaking Rules Publishing

70000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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