Deep Love Within by Vic Hall


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Romantic poems of a perfect love just right for fans of sweet romance.

"Deep Love" by Vic Hall is a collection of romantic poems about a perfect love just right for fans of sweet romance.

written in classic rhyming styles, the stanzas are easy to read and there is no mystery about what each line means. It is all pure love.

Loving, sensual, heartfelt, emotional, sweet, simple; "Deep Love" portrays romantic relationships in the highest values.

From "Blue Sky"

"I really love this time of year

When the sky is still blue,

The flowers are whispering in the breeze,

As we walk hand in hand, me and you.

Poems of a perfect love from the viewpoint of a man to a woman fill the pages of this short and sweet poetry book. This is a heavenly love of utopia, where no trouble exists. There are no lovers' quarrels, marital spats, or make-up sex. Only rainbows and sunshine, passionate kisses, and tender affection.

The woman subject is angelic, beautiful, and radiant in the poet's eyes.

Some poems tell a story, such as two lovers meeting beneath a moonlit sky. Others describe memories of romantic dinner dates. Throughout, the woman subject is regarded as nothing less than perfect. She is flawless in every way; there is no end to her beauty and her sensuality. The love the man and the woman share is described as god-sent.

From "Simply Divine"

"Sunlight comes softly through the window

As we lay beneath the duvet of love,

As she lay sleeping in all her beauty

She sleeps peaceful like that of a dove."

At times redundant, and over-the-top mushy, this collection of poems is still valid for its message of persistent romantic love.

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