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Death Beneath the Covers


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This read will have you eager to find out who ended this particular high-end escort's life.

Death Beneath the Covers follows the case of what happened to Becca, a high-end escort for the Australian Foxy Escorts Agency. Liz Jeffreys inserts herself into the investigation of her murder since Becca was one of the women working for her. Jack and Max are the detectives at the center of the investigation and feelings and histories already start to get involved from the start. Eventually, the waters of suspicious activity connected to the murder becoming increasingly muddied.

As I was reading this book, I was really engaged and invested in finding out more about Becca in life rather than post-mortem. However, 100 pages in and the investigation and clues had still barely moved from the first 40 pages. I was less than interested in seeing the lust that was potentially developing on Jack's end for Liz or what Liz was buying for dinner. Instead, I wanted more action and clues sprinkled in between the characters' mundane tasks and every detail of their present and past lives.

As I continued reading, I finally got the action I was looking for when I least expected. For a while, I was thinking this was more about Detective Jack and Liz forming some type of romantic connection than anything else and was a bit irritated. However, things start to heat up with suspicious activity and targeting suspects in the investigation into Becca's murder. More crimes and unexpected ties to sketchy individuals crop up and my interest was regained. The plot twists and turns were delayed but delivered, along with the aspects of intrigue and anticipation I was hoping for.

Despite the slow start, this is a well-written read. The characters that are at the main focus of the story-- Liz, Jack, Max, and a few others-- a well-crafted and feel real enough. The author also does an impressive job of setting the scene for Adelaide and a certain side of Australian life. Though Death Beneath the Covers wasn't fully what I expected, I believe crime, drama, and maybe even romance readers could enjoy this read.

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About the author

Fiona lives in Australia and is a self confessed people watcher. She loves to interpret body language and social cues, which you'll find evident in her character development. If you enjoy fast paced, character driven crime drama with a romantic backdrop, then you'll love Death Beneath the Covers. view profile

Published on May 31, 2021

60000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Mystery & Crime

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