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Dearly Beloathed


Not for me 😔

A novel about a group of friends stranded on an island with a murderer amongst them, it could be perfect for fans of teen drama.

Dearly Beloathed is a thriller novel that revolves around a group of schoolmates who travel to enjoy their spring break at a week-long high school party on an inescapable island. Annie is dragged to this party by her best friend Penny. We see the story told from Annie’s perspective.

The story begins with Annie and Penny reaching the house the party was going to be held in. Penny introduces Annie to her friends and Annie starts to feel like she belongs there. As the day progressed, Annie finds a couple of crumpled up diary sheets containing strange and frightening passages. Annie doesn’t think much of it at that time. But, soon after, two of the people in the house are murdered.

Nobody is above suspicion. Everybody is scared and does not know what to do next. Annie starts finding more bizarre notes and it turns out it is somehow connected to the murders. They are stranded on a remote island with a murderer and no way of getting outside help.

One person steps up and begins the investigation into finding the murderer. It turns out to be mostly people accusing each other. Many secrets are revealed awkwardly. There are a few moments of proper investigation that uncovers more secrets. We don’t get to figure out who the murderer is till the end.

More people get murdered and it starts getting confusing. There is a lot of chaos at times and everything becomes calm at times as if there wasn’t a murderer on the loose. Relationships get entangled and undone in the mess. It felt rushed by the end.

There were many issues addressed in this book which was refreshing. But the execution wasn’t on-point all the time. The book never clicked for me. I could not connect with the characters. The ending felt inadequate for me. I expected more on the thriller side but it was mostly about the characters and their secrets.

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Published on October 31, 2020

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