Deadly Odds 2.0


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Deadly Odds, the fast-paced contemporary cyber-thriller that fell a little short of blowing my mind.

Palmer Davidson is a lawyer, not a detective, but when FBI agent Gary Fischer walks in and tells him his client, Arnold Gold, is not only alive but may have blown up the terrorist sent to kill him, saying he is intrigued is an understatement. Working his leads, he sets out from Seattle to potentially save the life of his client. Meanwhile, the FBI is more interested in finding Arnold’s astonishing future-predicting algorithm than actually protecting him. Will Davidson find Arnold in one piece? And can he do it before Nawzer relays information to Naseem?

In Deadly Odds 2.0, we follow Palmer Davidson as he attempts to locate his hacker client before the deadly Jihadist terrorist known as Naseem does. Following a whispy trail of remembered conversations and educated guesses, he attempts to locate Arnold before Naseem and her people find and kill him.

Deadly Odds 2.0 is a fast-paced techno-thriller and the latest by author Allen Wyler. It has a range of characters to both love and hate. A strongly revenge-fueled villainess is found in Naseem and a smart intelligent protagonist is found in Davidson. Both Naseem and Davidson, along with Arnold and Fischer round out an interesting cast of characters.

While I liked Naseem as a strong but misguided female character, Wyler made her stand out by incorporating complexity in her character. For instance, the initial introduction to her character is a clear contradiction as she has a job as an escort while following an extremely conservative religion. This is one of the things that made Naseem one of the most interesting characters for me. On the other hand, Special Agent Gary Fischer’s grumpy no non-sense agent act feels a little predictable and left me wishing there was more depth to his limited character.

I enjoyed the overall story presented in Deadly Odds 2.0, but the grammatical and formatting errors disrupted the pace and enjoyment of reading. For example on page 34, “ …Given an early start and at the rate things he was progressing, he…” and page 7, “…and say I did to locate him, what would be the legal ramifications?…” I feel these are small editorial fixes that can easily be rectified.

Unfortunately, I have to give Deadly Odds 2.0 by Allen Wyler, 3 out of 5 stars. If it were not for the multiple mistakes, I would have enjoyed it more and given a higher rating, but with the number of misspelled and extra words, and grammatical errors, for me, made reading hard and distracting. Another round of editing and proofreading will make Deadly Odds a book worth another look. If you enjoy reading contemporary cyber-crime thrillers, then this is the story that would be for you.

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Allen is a retired Neurosurgeon and thriller writer who had twice been nominated for a Thriller Award. He has served on the Board of Directors of the International Thriller Writers and is also a member of the North American Crime Writers. He lives in Seattle. view profile

Published on July 16, 2019

Published by Stairway Press

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Genre: Technothriller

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