Thriller & Suspense

Deadly Election


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The village boys saw the glinting gold; Spanish treasure hidden from the world by frightened Japanese soldiers in the mountains of the Northern Philippines as they lost the second world war.
Innocently, the boys trusted a local politician, SENATOR ENRIQUE CONSUELO. The boys lost the gold and their lives in the furtherance of Consuelo’s ambitions.
Unfortunately, retired US marine, PAUL MC.CAIN, witnesses, the boys’ sad demise.
Consuelo wants to become the President of the Philippines and election day is approaching. It is a race between Paul, who tries to seek out lawmakers who are not in league with the politician, and Consuelo, who is desperate to find Paul and silence him.
Paul manages to convince a group of powerful politicians and military men what has happened.
On the day of the announcement, and on the stage in front of the returning officer, Consuelo is arrested and dragged screaming away.
With the senator in jail, his friends and family begin to desert him like rats from a sinking ship.
His young and pretty wife CHLOE fears she will lose everything.
After an emotional goodbye, she arranges for her husband to be poisoned, then heads for the airport and her new life.

Secrets of the Cave

As Virgil entered the gloomy cave, the crate, soaking wet from the downpour outside, slipped from his grasp. He stumbled to his knees. A sharp crack resonated through the cave as Kodama pulled the trigger. A Shooting pain in Virgil’s left side sapped his remaining energy as the bullet entered his side. His emaciated old body crumpled onto the dusty stones. There was an ominous ‘crack’ as his skull fractured. A trail of blood seeped from under him—the close range shot had shattered his kidney and punctured his lung. The young Japanese officer pointed his still smoking Nambu pistol at one of the younger men cowering in the corner. “You! Pick it up.” The lad scrambled forward to take Virgil’s place, trying to stay alive at least for a few more minutes. Breath came in painful gasps for Virgil, but he could still see what was happening around him. The screams of his youngest daughter, Racquel, filled the air. Other villagers cowered in the nooks and recesses of the cavern.

“No. Please, I beg you, no. No hurt me, please.” Her broken sobs fractured her feeble English. She was less than ten feet from him, but there was nothing he could do for her. She lay on the ground in a state of near undress, with firm hands holding her writhing body. The sergeant and his men laughed as if drunk. Two of them held an arm each. She’d lost her blouse in the tussle and her breasts wobbled as she struggled. “Hold her. How can I do it if she won’t keep still?” barked the sergeant. The exertion and the heat made the fat and balding man sweat. Virgil’s head now lay on the floor with blood dripping from the corner of his mouth, his eyes wide open facing the appalling scene. The third soldier wrestled with the struggling girl’s skirt, but her squirming made it difficult and he lost patience. Bunching the ragged cloth to one side with his fist, he sawed through the material in seconds; the nakedness of the girl was complete. She sobbed with shame at her nudity. Blood oozed from the cut in her side; his knife had slashed her as he stripped away her clothes. Virgil did not die soon enough. As his sight faded, he saw his daughter’s futile fight. She raised her head to see the lifeless body of her father and sobbed louder. “I sorry, Father - I so sorry,” she wailed as the sergeant loomed over her.

Hito inserted his sword expertly between her shoulder blades bringing her suffering to an end. Lieutenant Kodama surveyed the bloody scene. “Quickly, get the rest inside, You know what to do. Search the forests— don’t let these animals get away.” His soldiers finished off the remaining villagers and carried the limp remains inside, piling them up like animal carcasses next to the stacked wooden cases. A few men broke off and ran to the forest to make sure none had escaped. The village was now empty. Chickens and goats wandered aimlessly. Earlier in the day the villagers had prepared a meal for the soldiers, and it was still laid out on tables in the village square. The starving men did not waste the roasted meat. They hadn’t eaten well for a week.

About the author

Arthur Crandon has spent most of his life as a lawyer - in the UK, the Philippines and Hong Kong. Lately, he has gained a Masters degree in Creative Writing. He now divides his time between The UK and Hong Kong. Arthur is married to Lynnie, and they have a young son, Cameron. view profile

Published on July 05, 2020

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80000 words

Contains explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Thriller & Suspense

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