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Deadly Election


Worth reading 😎

As expected, this is a politically heavy thriller that it worth a read for sure.

This was a deeply interesting story that opens with gold being found in a mine in the Philippines by three young boys, gold that was hidden there since the second world war. Immediately you're thrown into the dramatic action as the young boys who discover the gold innocently place their trust in a local politician who murders the innocent boys to further his own career.

This was an emotive piece of writing that really packed a punch and showed the greed of a man who wanted power. It was expertly written to reflect the question society asks themselves frequently. "Can we trust the people in charge?"

Unfortunately for senator Enrique Consuelo, a retired US Marine, is a witness to his heinous crime and suddenly the story becomes two things.

1. A race against time for Paul McCain to find somebody whom the senator does not exert power over to help him see justice be served.

2. A game of cat and mouse as the senator (who wishes to become president) hunts McCain down in order to silence him once and for all before the truth comes out and he loses everything.

The story was written expertly. I think the author must know the Philippines well to have been able to write the scenes so wonderfully. It honestly did feel like you were there.

I am not the biggest fan of political crime stories, I must admit and so there were parts of this story that I felt as though I was not invested and therefore it took me a longer amount of time to read the story. However, I really enjoyed this game of cat and mouse and the battle between Consuelo and McCain as it really showed a power struggle, one man fighting for self preservation and another man fighting for what is right. Seeing that power struggle was incredible and I thought it was very interesting to read and the story was suitably tense.

I think this is a book for thriller lovers, even more so if you enjoy a politically thriller.

Thank you to Reedsy and the author for allowing me to read this advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Arthur Crandon has spent most of his life as a lawyer - in the UK, the Philippines and Hong Kong. Lately, he has gained a Masters degree in Creative Writing. He now divides his time between The UK and Hong Kong. Arthur is married to Lynnie, and they have a young son, Cameron. view profile

Published on July 05, 2020

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