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Exciting, original and interesting Urban Fantasy novel about 'the first soul' to exist.

As the author's first book, this is a very well-written and jam-packed read! Though I was not expecting the book to get as sexual as it did so quickly into the narrative, I have to admit. The plot and prose really prompt the reader to make full use of their imagination when visualising the fantastical surroundings and events concerning the protagonist, Orion. I especially enjoyed the vivid and action packed descriptions you are thrown into immediately upon reading, and the narrative style makes the plot quite easy to follow yet never boring. Personally, in most cases I found the explicit language to be rarely misplaced, however there were instances where I thought it was used a little too excessively - but I can tell others may disagree and instead love this sort of raw, excitable dialogue. I also have to say that the frequent use of onomatopoeia gave me classic comic book vibes which suit the general superhero feel of the novel very well. Generally, this book is well suited to lovers of the crime and thriller genres. It is worth a read if you are into these!

I have not read anything quite like Darksoul before, in fact I was pleasantly surprised to be able to read it quickly due to the fast-paced nature and frequent dialogue in the book. This story is certainly original and I must say kudos to the writer, L. Brooks for thinking up this very creative urban superhero universe. I am interested to see what more this author can produce as it is clear there are bags of potential to develop this story further in another book.

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Brooklyn raised. Writing the kinds of stories that captivated me my entire life, but for a mature audience. I love magic, the paranormal, action, horror, and a little erotica. So I decided to mix them together. Viola! Darksoul. Hopefully, the first of many since part II is almost done. view profile

Published on October 19, 2020

4000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Urban Fantasy

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