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Darksoul is an Urban Fantasy featuring an unconventional superhero that comes about after Orion, the protagonist, is brutally gunned down along with his partner. He survives by melding with an ancient entity, Darksoul, the first soul in existence. Empowered by Darksoul, Orion seeks revenge on those responsible. A business savvy crime-lord, and a group of ruthless mercenaries. Along the way he runs into a demon, and a even powerful, deathless Pharaoh named Soulchaser who has a personal vendetta against the entity residing within Orion. To make matters more complicated, the Darksoul entity has an incredible lust for Earthly desires. A yearning Orion won't be able to deny. Can he conquer his many foes, and keep the Darksoul entity in check?
(Warning: profane language, graphic violence, and sexual situations.)
"Author L. Brooks has crafted a really engaging and action-packed work that will be sure to entertain fans who enjoy crime and mafia novels, superhero urban thrillers, and dark fantasy tales alike." 5⭐rating: Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite
"L. Brooks is a great storyteller and I enjoyed the originality in the plot and the out-of-the-ordinary experiences, exciting the imagination of readers." 5⭐rating: Reviewed By Jose Cornelio for Readers’ Favorite


Predawn, in a poorly lit tenement basement, a man is forced into a chair by two unsavory sorts, while three others observe stoically. Defiance gleams in the lone man's eyes as he glares murderous daggers at who he determines to be the leader of the men who've abducted him

"You assholes think this changes anything? My answer now is exactly what it was three days ago!" He defiantly tells them.

The leader, known as Graveyard, seems amused by the man's temerity as he responds. "Yes. I vividly recall your colorful answer. Fuck off, you scum sucking pricks...! Correct?"

"Good memory, but you're forgetting I also told you you can go and eat a monkey's cock! You and your goddamned employer---"


A fist greets the man's jaw, snapping his face askew. The one bearing the name Fatal delivered the blow.

Undaunted, the man spits a glob of blood out and glowers at his assaulter. "You hit like a bitch after a hard reaming," He spews disrespectfully.

Fatal gives Graveyard a questioning glance, who answers with a shrug.

"Oblige him," Graveyard permits....

About the author

Brooklyn raised. Writing the kinds of stories that captivated me my entire life, but for a mature audience. I love magic, the paranormal, action, horror, and a little erotica. So I decided to mix them together. Viola! Darksoul. Hopefully, the first of many since part II is almost done. view profile

Published on October 19, 2020

4000 words

Contains explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Urban Fantasy

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