Damaged Goods


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Welcome to Terra, where magic and immortality are real and humans are just sport for the Gods.

Forrest and Jason Carson are the sons of Wrath. They have lived their whole lives embracing and fighting the wrath that is always with them. Following their lives through the centuries, the lives of immortals, a demon and a kitsune. Forrest is obsessed with the former God of Chaos, Lola Hart, who has somehow become human. Jason has been strapped with a lowly human, Vitane Todd, who is just hoping to make it through the night on a world where humans are hunted. Magic, love, scheming, and supernaturals are just the beginning of life on Terra.

"The Human had never known a life without running from these creatures. But she had always naturally been drawn to them, too."

What a world to be created. It took me a little bit to get the feel for this book, but once I did, I simply couldn't put it down. There is a lot of mythology and explanation given, I felt like I was learning about an ancient culture. Gagne and McCraw gave so much detail in the beginnings of all the realms and the background to all the different gods and goddesses. I imagine this book and world that was built is exactly what the world would be like if the Greek gods were real and living on Earth. I loved that humans had basically become extinct and how there was a hierarchy between the supernaturals, immortals, and gods. These characters were gorgeously flawed and messed up, as one might expect from those who can live forever. A demon who fights against his wrath yet falls for Chaos who only makes his wrath more enticing. Chaos who loves pain and suffering yet feels the need for order and balance on occasion. It was such a push and pull, loving these characters while absolutely hating what they were doing, those are the best kind of characters.

"The customers and staff quickly fled in fear for their lives. Bloodshed was inevitable, and the Carson brothers had a reputation for mayhem and relentlessness."

I would highly recommend this book to those who love fantasy and supernatural reads. The backstory is rich and the world is intricate and fascinating. There were creatures and immortals interacting that I hadn't heard of before. There was romance, action, and mystery. I am excited to see what the future holds for Terra and the rest of the realms. There are questions that I want answered and am incredibly excited to see how they play out in the upcoming sequel!

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Terra Date: September 14, 2072; 17:36

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Published on February 15, 2020

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