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Daemon Spawn


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A pleasant, roiling romp of finding oneself, romance and the meaning of honour.

A wild, adventurous trip in which a young woman of dual breeding discovers her inner power unfolds in Daemon Spawn by Chris Lewando. 

The story breaks quickly, imparting bits of information about our main character, Aspen as a child progressing toward her fated eighteenth birthday in rapid fire. Offering a glimpse into the history of the daemon race, the wars, and even the slow disintegration of their kind brings insight into the past. Some may find this deluge of information too telling, but given the genre, the sequence of storytelling works out to set the scene and enrich the characters. 

There is no lack of action and movement, things happen quickly, with Lewando working in time jumps, be them small or large, expertly. As a rebellion against daemon king Elphic mounts in secret, Aspen becomes a tool he seeks to use to aid his own campaign. Marriage may be the only thing he deems her fit for, using her as a means to secure the lives of human soldiers willing to fight on his behalf, rather than risk the use of his own army. Lewando does an excellent job of hinting at how this superior race could fall, ensuring that this species with magnificent power is not unbeatable. 

This makes for an interesting build as the storm of war mounts and Aspen traverses a world that is scintillating as well as terrifying. As a character Aspen has strong merits, and depth. Expressing interest in the outside world, one kept from her as she was locked up in the castle on her own, she learns the world is laced with politics even outside the gates of ruling castles.

In a world thick with intrigue, doppelgängers, pirates, slavers, dragons and magic, Daemon Spawn flows across characters and developments with ease. While the romantic aspect of the story lacks depth, it isn’t outwardly noticeable. Perhaps the time for courtship could have been removed from the novel as a whole, though it would prove a better story if the bonds of affection grew in a more realistic manner. 

All around, Lewando builds a rich world, does well to keep description at a perfect medium and has a pool of interesting and heartfelt characters. Daemon Spawn is a pleasant trip into a roiling romp of finding oneself and the meaning of honour.

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Published on March 31, 2020

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