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A masterpiece of epic fantasy, conceptual and allegorical fiction in which I would willingly immerse myself book after book after book.

I was intrigued by this metaphysical dark fantasy from the moment I read the description. Uniquely named characters and concepts drew me in immediately and filled my mind with questions and lush imagery...a masterful book blurb to say the least!

Vatu, the great spirit of darkness. I could see him, an ethereal and all-consuming shadow intent upon absolute control. Utas, the hopeful apparition fleeing from himself, and his beautiful daughter who is delicate and mysterious. Their plight pulled me along. I was invested in their harrowing journey, their disappointments, their hopes. Symbolism and spirituality are illustrated like characters, filling the narrative with thought-provoking themes that made me pause and consider.  

As father and daughter make their way, they are joined by a melange of artfully created characters:  Erroi, the warrior, whose body and spirit are independent of each other and who travels in dreams. He is beautifully silent and deliciously mysterious. Mukito, a boy whose cruel stepfather has left him few alternatives other than thievery. The innocent Zintoa, and noble Eskanza. The characters are elaborate, simple, fully-developed, flawed and entirely captivating.

The narrative is rich with unfamiliar people and places, intriguing me page after page. Dialog forms much of the story, yet there are descriptions that whisk the reader away. Poetic tangles of dream-like reveries adorn the journey, some so intricate and imaginative I simply had to read them again....and again! There were times I wasn't sure what was reality and what wasn't and I was reminded of an episode of STNG, 'Masks', where the hunt of Masaka and Korgano parallels the birth of Athena at the Parthenon. 

Mythological and magical, Rae's Crowman is a masterpiece of conceptual fiction, epic fantasy, and allegory in which I would willingly immerse myself book after book after book.

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David Rae lives in the West of Scotland. He writes poetry and short stories and reads every trashy novel, every children's book and every comic that comes his way. view profile

Published on March 25, 2020

Published by Brainlag

90000 words

Genre: Epic Fantasy

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