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Convergence is a good read, especially for those who enjoy futuristic, tech/gaming-based books.

"Life itself is the only thing worth protecting. There are no systems of life, Life is the system. All schools of thought are circular and empty. There are no ideologies that compel worship. Nurture and savor life; that is all. Enjoy its play, the pulsations, the sadness, the expression of itself the reproduction of itself and the transformative dying of itself. That is the only thing to do."

Convergence is the story of a group of teens and young adults who are brought together--in a near future that almost didn't happen--to use their tech skills for good. The world had been divided by religion, politics and ideologies that resulted in wars, but on the brink of disaster it seemed technology swooped in and saved the day.

Our protagonist, Zokaya, travels to California from Liberia and joins the others in a sort of tech competition that's expected to lead to great things for the brightest among them.

We're treated to lengthy history lessons about all that was wrong with the world pre-year one, and some of what's happening behind the scenes now, in year 13. Our group of young adults are encouraged to play this game, Hell on Earth, on their Wenbooks (named for the head of the largest and most infamous tech company worldwide), but when they reach level five the gamers are blasted with light and sound and they become empty shells of their former selves.

This book has great potential but there are sections that I felt were unnecessary. Our protagonist takes off for a bit, for example. Chunks of the Kristina story line could have been omitted and it still would have been a great read. Overall a good read , particularly for those interested in futuristic or tech-based fantasy works.

Many thanks to the publisher and reedsy/discovery for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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I am a journalist for a weekly business newspaper by day and an avid reader by night. I love a good book but tend to gravitate towards dystopian reads and psychological thrillers, with a smattering of book club type reads thrown in for good measure.


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Jerry Sander is the author of the novels PERMISSION SLIPS and UNLIMITED CALLING (CERTAIN RESTRICTIONS APPLY). He is currently completing an episodic memoir set in the 60's/'70's, called THE GUYLAND. He is honored to have been chosen the Authorized Representative of the RUSA-IE for CONVERGENCE. view profile

Published on February 22, 2020

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