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A Cory Marin mystery that keeps your heart beating fast until the last pages

The latest Cory Marin mystery is 'ripped from the headlines', focused on #metoo and the frightening outcomes that make the discussion so critical. A teenager tries to take her own life after a revealing photo she shared with her male crush is circulated through her entire school. As Cory and her team look into the situation, they find nothing but roadblocks. The perpetrators are all 'good boys', after all, with bright futures. Surely the police can't mean to ruin them, or the reputation of the school?

Cory's team isn't buying it. Circulating the photo was essentially sharing child pornography as the victim was only 14. This gives them an excuse to look deeper. On their hunt, they find many more victims and end up in a full investigation.

Robitaille keeps upping the ante, as some of the kids vanish. Has someone involved in the online ring taken them out for telling the police about the club? The tension builds until the very end, as the risks of harm increase.

In the background, Cory's romantic life is getting complicated, as her pregnancy grows. Will she accept love into her life? Despite the complications and demands?

Truly a nail-biter. There is perhaps a bit too much moralizing in the centre of the book but the plot keeps the reader interested in continuing. It is easy to care about the the full cast of characters, even if you haven't read the prior mysteries.

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JW Robitaille writes the Cory Marin mystery series as well as Biztopia, a YA environmental dystopian series. She received degrees in English from Emory University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the University of Florida. Download a free book of short stories from her website. view profile

Published on August 10, 2019

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