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Cloaked Blade



As a new election begins, ex president Steven Colescott learns of the death of his daughter Martha during a rally on the change of martial law to that if democracy. Determined to find her killer, Stevens mission is supported by the army. All efforts seem to be in vain as the suspects they do obtain mysteriously begin dying. Within Stevens mind things begin to unravel as it comes to his knowledge that the army murdered Martha to gain sympathy votes for Steven. With this information I’m mind Steven decided to hold a campaign agains army martial laws administrator John Roberts.

When Roberts is also found murdered a riot breaks lose throughout the country and Steven is arrested for the homicide of General John Roberts. The next on the list for martial law admin lands on Steven’s wife General Alicia Fisher.

Two years pass and Stevens in now in jail alongside his wife. The women who confesses to be the reason behind multiple deaths and his own personal demise. All for the power that she would gain with both her husband and General John Roberts our of the way.


Cloaked Blade

he country of Houston went through some very difficult times in its earlier democratic state in the late 1990s. Thus, over past ten years, it has been ruled by the Army under martial law to stabilize the country and bring it where it is today. The Army was everything and everywhere. Not even a fly could be killed without the Army finding out about it.


Everything has to come to an end, and the time for freeing the state of martial law is here. The Army has done its job to stabilize the community, economy, crime, and everyday matters of the country. Now, its prime focus must be only to look at its defense. So, it has been decided that the Republic of Houston will hold democratic elections after ten long years of martial law, which have finally come to an end.


As the projector shut down, Army Secretary Jack Hugh asked, “Do you have anything to add to the presentation, general?”

The Martial Law Administrator, General John Roberts, leaning forward in his chair, said, “The presentation is great, but the question is, which candidate is worthy of leading the Republic of Houston as well as I did?”


“Well, I believe that the Army should be the one to decide which candidates are allowed to participate in the elections,” said the minister of defense.


Murmurs broke out all around the room with people leaning towards each other on the round table as the meeting continued.


“I believe that a candidate who understands the Army well must be the one to win,” said General John Roberts with a smirk on his face.


The room fell to complete silence for a minute, and then the murmurs and hissing continued with greater force. There was a wave of excitement that could be felt throughout the meeting room.


“Does this mean that we only have to persuade one candidate of ours to participate in the elections? While we make other candidates according to their own choice of whether they want to participate or not?” asked the Army secretary.


“Steven Colescott, he has already been the president once, and we have great control over his actions, too. He should be one of the candidates. Others can be decided within one month of time as I want the state to be a democracy in the upcoming year,” said General John Roberts. The whole room burst into a round of applause, and the meeting was adjourned.


As General Roberts left the room, a woman in an army uniform walked briskly to catch up with him.

“General! General!” she said.


“Yes, General Alicia, how can I help you?” replied General John Roberts.


“He will never agree to it, sir. He doesn’t want to be involved in politics again. Especially after what happened last time,” she said in a nervous tone.


“You are his wife, Alicia, he listens to you. I know Steven, he is a simple man, and you can persuade him. It is for the betterment of the country!” he replied.


“But, sir...”


“Enough, Alicia, I don’t want any excuses. Do what you have to do and bring me good news within a week,” said the general, walking away from her.

Alicia walked away from the general to go outside and get some fresh air. As she opened the door, a hot burst of air hit her in the face; her light brown hair streaked in gold by the sun went flying everywhere. It was as if there was a feeling of terror and smell of gun powder in that air. Holding her head, she went toward her car to go home to be with her husband where she felt most secure and comfortable.



Today, on Channel 98, we have, a primary school teacher fired for abusing children on school premises. An accident on Highway 15 which led to crashing of 15 cars, but no one injured. A theft at the home of a former minister was made unsuccessful by the police… and, breaking news, the interview of Martial Law Administrator, General John Roberts, in which he tells our journalist that martial law is finally coming to an end. After ten difficult years of stabilization, the country deserves to be democratic again. According to him, Steven Colescott, former president of the Republic of Houston is one of the confirmed candidates; other will follow within the next month. Steven Colescott, who lost-


Alicia shut off the TV.


“Why do you listen to the TV so loud? I literally walked in and you didn’t even notice me,” said Alicia.

“Oh, so that’s what I am supposed to be worried about right now?” said Steven in a taunting manner.

“Hon, I know, I came home early to tell you this,” she replied.


“No, Alicia, I have already lost enough, I won’t do it!” he said, moving away from her toward the bedroom.


“You think it was just your loss? It was mine too, I have been living with it as well!”

Steven, with a tear in his eye, said in a calm voice while shutting the door, “But it was my mistake, Alicia, mine.”


Alicia burst into tears in frustration, crashing on the couch behind her. She didn’t understand what she was supposed to do. The Army would take away her rank if she didn’t persuade her husband. Her 20 year old daughter Martha came from upstairs, listening to all the drama from her room. She hugged her mother tightly to assure her that it was going to be fine and that her father would understand her situation someday.


“Mother, you’re the reason I wake up every day and think of myself as such a strong, independent woman. After all, my mother is a general in the Army, and she runs the house by herself. So, don’t ever let father tell you that the problems are all his,” she said, kissing her mother on the cheek.


“You are my precious little gem, Martha, what I would do without you?” she said, kissing her back.

“You’d be nothing, mom! Let me get you some water,” Martha said while tickling her mom and finding her way into the kitchen.


The whole day, no one in that house said a word till nighttime when both Steven and Alicia were sitting in bed together.


“Honey, listen to me,” said Alicia with a breaking voice as she tried to force words out of her mouth.

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