Chasing Fate


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A cultural experience that will take you on a journey filled with more tragedy and heartache than romance.

Nadia is the kind of character you root for but also want to shake and scream at not to succumb to temptation. For the most part, she is a level-headed, hard-working woman. When it comes to Anthony, her crush from adolescence and baby’s father, she throws caution to the wind. This novel took me on a journey through Nadia’s days in Nigeria, first meeting Anthony, coming to America on a visa, and the whirlwind of her ups and downs bumping into Anthony throughout the next couple of decades.

When I started reading this book, I was drawn in by the new perspective of a Nigerian romance and seeing how it would unfold there. However, most of the unfolding actually happens in the U.S. Nadia and Anthony meet by chance one day in Nigeria and, from that point on, they stay in each other’s lives one way or another. Nadia is a reserved, focused, compassionate woman from a strict Muslim family. Anthony on the other hand, is a suave, selfish, smooth-talking player from a Christian family. Neither of their families want them together as a result of their conflicting beliefs but once Nadia and Anthony are in America, none of that stands between them.

The story has an engaging start and picked up here and there, but there were many times I lost interest throughout. There are times the author could have cut out mundane details and character descriptions or broken them up with dialogue, like in Nadia’s transition in life after failing the JAMB entrance exam for medicine or describing all the employees at her new cybersecurity workplace later on. I think more dialogue would have helped in these moments rather than heavy descriptions. It also feels like the author is forever dangling a carrot the whole way through when it comes to whether Nadia will find lasting love or at least not end up in a toxic relationship. When she finds Nick, a man she meets at her job as a gas station clerk, he sweeps her off her feet and I’m like, “Finally, the proper romance I’ve been waiting for! You deserve it girl!” Only for my hopes for this story to be crushed.

It jumps ahead 15 years, and I feel like so much was missed within that time. It left a man-sized hole in the story. Then, I had to brace myself for loads of contradictions from Nadia’s closest friends regarding Anthony deserving a countless chance despite all his dirty deeds. The ending also left me unsatisfied, though I won’t say why. Despite all of this, Chasing Fate is a decent story. Sure, it has more tragedy and drama than romance, but it’s worth a read if you like relatable characters and a taste of confusing relationships and culture.

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Published on May 07, 2021

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