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Call Me Kismet


Loved it! 😍

WARNING: If you read this, you may find yourself LOLing at a neurotic clutz who can't catch a break when it comes to love.

The adorable, eye-pleasing cover for Call me Kismet by PJ Mayhem drew me into this book. It has an upside-down guy, and a woman running frantic, Dachshunds, a Chinese-style building, hearts, and music, are sprinkled in the cover to give the reader clues off what's inside.

Not too far into my reading, I knew three things:

  • Kismet is crazy

  • Dachshund spacers are Über-cute

  • I was going to have fun with this book

The story follows the main character Kismet—real name Fiona—whose life is turned upside down when her go-to professional spiritual healer Amethyst tells her, she has a man in her aura.

The unraveling of the plot goes on for a bit too long, and the pacing slows as Kismet deals with her steadily increasing anxiety. However, the ending left me with a satisfying overall happy feel.

Kismet is a self doubter who can't stick up for herself, especially when she needs it most. This makes the main character an adorable neurotic 30ish woman. My first question when I started reading: who in their right mind will rearrange their whole life so drastically just to meet the said man? But once I got to know Kismet, it made complete comedic sense.

Nevertheless, a character can't do much by themselves unless you are Tom Hank with a ball, and Kismet had a crew of supporting characters to help exorcise the destiny out of her. Jane, a bestie, Stephanie, a friend, Catherine—whom I didn't care too much for because if she was real, she would deplete me of all the positivity in my heart chakra—her sister, mom, dad, brother in law, niece and nephew, adoptive Chinese family and co-workers. Work apart and together to keep our girl mostly on track. Kismet is the sun to their planet, and they revolve around her. She's basically the life of the party. I take that back the chaos of the party.

It would be remiss not to mention two notable characters who are the catalyst and Yoda to Kismet: Amethyst and Lionel. The former is her professional spiritual healer who aligns her chakra and the latter her hypnotist. By far, my favorite of all the supporting characters is Lionel with his down to earth true wisdom and Positively; the hugging bear, he'd make the perfect counselor. If he was real, I would hire him in a heartbeat.

Favorite Quote(s):

"If I were to be honest, while Amethyst has taught me to trust the Universe, Lionel has perhaps given me the greatest gift in helping me trust myself."

"Oh Spirit save me."

I saw myself a lot in Kismet. As a former pessimist and self-doubter, I know first hand how paralyzing thoughts can be. While I said the plot unraveled slowly and went on for a bit long, I understand why Kismet couldn't reach her climactic ending sooner. In real life, it takes time, actually longer than the time in the book, to reach a point of self-discovery and contentment with oneself. So perhaps the timeline is not long but realistic. I mean, ask Buddha how long it took him.

This book is perfect for anyone who enjoys a rom-com and is not afraid of a few explicit words. You will find this book, laugh out loud funny, for the references of culture, music, relationships, and cute Dachshunds. If you dig a bit deeper, you may even find yourself motivated to do a bit of self-care, as I did. But for sure, if you like Dachshunds, this book is for you!

To all the Kismets out there: Take care of yourselves and trust that you are more than enough.

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I am an MFA Creative Writing grad student and an avid reader who knows a thing or two about a good story. I enjoy characters that are as real as the humans I know. I'm a sucker of magic, and witchy things, but I will read it if it has a good blurb. A great cover will catch my eye every time.

Call Me Kismet

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PJ Mayhem is a Sydney based writer and dachshund wrangler. As a copywriter for a natural therapies college, she hasn't ever heard the words ‘Oh my Buddha’, but there is much talk of signs. Her favourite thing to do is laugh out loud, and that’s what she hopes her writing will make people do. view profile

Published on February 04, 2020

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