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Brave Little Gracie


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Sweet, simply and heartwarming book about keeping a positive attitude through the story of a small and kind dog named Gracie.

Brave Little Gracie is a simply, sweet, and heartwarming story about a small and kind dog named Gracie who did not let the negative parts of life impact her happiness.

Gracie was a very small Yorkie who had a whole LOT of love to give. Unfortunately, the home she lived in was not a nice place – it was very dirty and run down and the owners were mean. Gracie lived with many other dogs, none who cared to play with her. But none of this stopped Gracie from being happy.

She did have her sad moments and would dream of living with a nice family. Then one day, her dream started to become true. She got a new mama who she immediately loved. Gracie was nervous to meet her new big sister Miss Mia but soon learned she had nothing to worry about. Gracie Miss Mia became best friends. They were a happy family.

One morning, when Gracie woke up, she could no longer see. She was scared. Her mama took her to the vet who said there was nothing they could do to help. Gracie’s family did their best to protect her, keep her healthy and happy. Over time, Gracie’s sense of smell and hearing grew stronger. And eventually Gracie could do everything that the other dogs could do. No one could tell that Gracie was blind.

Soon Gracie’s family grew bigger – she got a Papa and another sister. Gracie was living her dream.

This story made my heart melt as I read it. Through the illustrations and prose, you can see what an adorable and loving dog Gracie is and fall in love with her. Even when the negative situations are being described and depicted, you don’t feel a sense of darkness – you feel sadness with a touch of hope. Very soft colors were used for both the illustrations and wordings which added to the tone of the book.

Through the story of Gracie, children will learn to try to keep a positive attitude during the tough times and not let bad things get in their way. They will learn they can overcome any obstacle.

Animal lovers (and non-animal lovers) will really enjoy this book. I highly recommend it.

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I am an independent author of children's books, Instagram book reviewer and lover of books. I have written three books to date and have recently discovered my love of reviewing pictures books that are not only fun to read but teach child important lessons. Fan of Berenstain Bears and Amelia Bedelia.


Today, Molly and her sisters ask Mama to tell them the inspiring story of the bravest Yorkie, Gracie. Life was tough for little Gracie. She started out in a not-so-nice place before finding a home with the Paws family. No matter the obstacle, Gracie never stopped being a happy doggie who loved everyone she met. 

Based on the real-life adventures of a sweet little doggie named Molly Paws and her family.

This book features full-color illustrations of cute doggies throughout and is perfect for:
-Kids ages 2-5(ish) who love dogs.
-Moms and dads who read to their kids.
-Big brothers and big sisters who enjoy reading to their younger siblings.

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Words by Mama Paws. She is a pet lover to her core, she has earned the nicknames “Poochie Mama” and “Mama Bear”. Pictures by Papa Paws - he is a dog lover and artist. At age 9, he created his first comic book featuring his dog, Woody, and has been drawing ever since. view profile

Published on June 15, 2021

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