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Brainstorming with Da Vinci: An Entertaining Approach to Lead and Inspire Teams to Generate Big Ideas


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Think and execute like Da Vinci or like many influencers of our times. Grab this book to learn the principles, methods, and best practices!

I picked up Brainstorming with Da Vinci for its fascinating title and was not disappointed by my choice. Brainstorming is a term mostly flung around corporate boardrooms and big organisations riding the trend of innovation and acceleration. However, Eric Bowe highlights that brainstorming is not limited to business or science etymology. The term has significance in various facets of life, including poetry, art, and music. 

Leonardo Da Vinci is an appropriate poster boy for the skill of deep thinking and execution, with an eclectic personality and curiosity in myriad subjects. The writer encourages that the medium does not matter and even dreams that fail can be instrumental in success. 

The book premise is how an intellect like Da Vinci may have used brainstorming as a tool in an illustrious and creative career. There are insights into the thinking process and methods of some of the most artistic and adored people we know - Lady Gaga, Mick Jagger, Jay Z, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Carrie Fisher - the list and areas of influence goes on. This lends the book an invigorating and interesting flavor.

The content is succinct and well-structured; all points neatly stand out with appropriate formatting and as lists. Chapters are not overwhelming in length but pack a punch. It is a book for a deep-dive; it is a book for reference. It is the perfect material to quote in your next TED talk or podcast. It will inspire you to brainstorm, making it an effective companion guide.

The writer has put a lot of thought and effort into this work. He has enjoyed the process. Delightful concept names encompass twenty methods and nine guiding principles to make ideas actionable. Want to know what is a "midnight moment" or an "intellectual sherbet"? Have you ever pondered about the optimum number of people in a brainstorming team and session duration? Well, this and much more are available in this brilliant book!

Bowe's vast experience says that even a bad idea has potential if treated with expertise and indulged with best practices. You may find suggestions and methods that you vaguely know or have used. However, having a host of ideas, neatly laid out in this concise text form, is the effective refresher course you need. Before you capture your next thought, grab this book, and get an insight on how to brainstorm just right. 

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Eric is passionate about unlocking creativity. He has developed and adopted effective methods that get the most out of a brainstorming team. Eric has led over one-thousand brainstorming sessions for many businesses ranging from Fortune 100 companies to entrepreneurial start-ups. view profile

Published on April 23, 2021

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