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Bourbon & Chai


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A slow-burning romance full of hidden emotions, difficult choices and searching for the right path to happiness.

Bourbon & Chai is a debut novel which follows the character of Isha who, at the start of the book, has a vivid and unsettling dream about an anonymous man who is not her husband. Her life starts to unravel when she meets her new boss at work, only to discover it is the man from her dream.

What follows is the impact this event has on Isha's life, her feelings towards her new boss Nathan, her behaviour towards him and the effect on her career, as well as the repercussions this has on her relationship with her husband Liam.

It took me a little while to get into this book. There were a couple of minor issues for me at the beginning e.g. how seriously Isha takes the dream and also the repeated references to Isha's beauty which felt a bit shallow at times. However, once I got past these initial plot points, I really enjoyed seeing the story unfold. The pacing is great and the story involves quite a lot of travel which kept the plot fresh and engaging to balance out the slower pacing of the unfurling romance.

Both Isha and Nathan were well fleshed-out characters. The insights into their relationships and families helped to bring them to life too. It would have been nice for Liam to be a bit more developed as a character but we are given enough detail to see that, while not perfect as no one is in this book, he is kind-hearted and a good man. In this way, the book does a good job of depicting the emotional fall-out of Isha and Nathan's growing feelings and does not make Isha's choices easy or clear which really adds to the drama and believability of the story.

This book definitely left me wanting more and I would love to read a sequel to this to continue Isha's story. I hope this is the first of many books from Leah Kay.

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Leah Kay is fiercely independent, sarcastic to the point of fault, and makes life-saving medicines in California. In her free time, Leah likes to release her entrepreneurial spirit but writing has never crossed her mind. Until a moving confession from a close friend one evening changed everything. view profile

Published on July 07, 2020

70000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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